some days

are easy and it all just falls into place.

other days, everything is off kilter, out of whack, takes longer than it should.

these are the days that challenge, make us weary, make us question,
make us weep.

and yet, these are the days we have to work with.

and so, i admire my faded valentine.

i smile at an upside down kitten.

i accept this headache that has become my companion.

for today.

tonight i will dream of a meadow filled with sunshine

and tomorrow will be a different shade.


First time visitor to your lovely blog. I’ve just started to read a book by Ann Voskamp, “One Thousand Gifts – a dare to live fully right where you are.” After reading your short bio in “Artful Blogging” I think you may enjoy the book. Your photo’s are beautiful and I’ll visit again {smiling}

Sorry about the headache, hope it shifts soon and that tomorrow brings you love, laughter and sunshine.

oh, do i need that meadow of sunshine, too! today, this wind and snow feel almost…insulting.

your photo creation is, however, most delicious!


Yes, some days just suck, but as you said, those are the challenging days and we have to work with them. I’m sorry that you are plagued again with headache and just hope that tomorrow will be a much better day for you.

the photo makes me feel soft and smooth, and that is a nice sunday start to me

Yes – it’s so true. The days that most challenge us..are the heart and soul of our daily lives. Hope your headache gets better!


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