August 20, 2014

because {redux}



This post first appeared August 27, 2010





August 18, 2014

sometimes {redux}

the beauty of life is hidden, a little.

but it’s always there.


This post first appeared August 11, 2010



August 15, 2014

grow your own sun

It’s chilly again today, and grey,

but I have sunflowers on my table.

And just in case you follow me here, but not on my other blog…
you might want to hop on over to see my latest post.
I’m celebrating being published in Bella Grace,
(Stampington and Company’s newest publication).

Leave a comment over there to enter for a chance to win
your own copy of Bella Grace, plus one of my photos
and a pair of sterling silver earrings.

Wishing you a weekend filled with sunshine!



August 13, 2014

a dream {redux}

may begin in the dark,

but hold it up to the light

and it will shine.


This post first appeared July 25, 2011



August 11, 2014

open-ended {redux}

Each day starts out that way.

Each book as you crack its cover, each first day
of vacation, each January 1st, each blank sheet of paper.

But you can narrow it down, which makes it larger.
Expand the open-ended of your life…

Each hour. Each minute.

Each second.

Right. Now.



This post first appeared June 9, 2011




August 8, 2014

morning song


sing your heart out





August 6, 2014

the secret garden {redux}


Can be hard to find…

sometimes it’s just a weed

on the side of the road,


it’s a bouquet

brought home with love,

and sometimes,

it’s in your heart.


This post first appeared on 08/15/11.

August 4, 2014

wallflower {redux}

She never once looked in a mirror.
Never recognized her own beauty.
Never thanked the bees for their kisses.

She only had eyes for the sun.

He came and he went, barely noticing her presence.
He spread his light and warmth all around,
ambivalent, benevolent.

He never played favorites.
He warmed her heart with whispers of tomorrow.
He was always on time.

Each day, she grew taller, reaching for him.

One day he did not come.
The sky was covered in a blanket of gray,
so sad that it cried.

She saw herself for the first time,
a reflection in a drop of rain,
thirst quenched.

She knew then what she needed.




This post first ran 08/09/10


August 1, 2014

august ant

which is not the same as august break, exactly

but because i need a real break to get some things accomplished

i’m planning to maybe re-run some old posts

or maybe post a few simple photos

and like that ant

hang around on the periphery a little


wishing you an awesome august


July 30, 2014

the summer of love lies bleeding

because there it is, almost as tall as I am

(after I went out and picked it up off the ground yesterday,
staked it up, hoping it will hold, because
I’m not ready to let go of this love just yet.)

the view from my studio window this morning
and the tiny bit of pink up there at the very top
is kiss me over the garden gate
and all of this just to say that
love actually is
(quite literally)
all around


wishing you a week filled with love




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