October 24, 2014

last night i almost missed the magic…

but my husband called me outside just in time.

thanks, honey.





October 22, 2014

the dance of october


tawny whispers and simple goodbyes

another year makes plans to fly






October 20, 2014

color me autumn


crisp air, cool nights

cider and donuts

color, color everywhere


this morning on my way out to breakfast
a hot air balloon hovered in the sky
just above the nearby swamp,
huge and way down low,
an extra splash of rainbow color
in an already saturated landscape.

a missed photo opportunity, but a fabulous sight.

mother nature’s october tapestry is a feast for the eyes.

i take it in like nourishment.




October 17, 2014

the light at the end

if this week was a tunnel

(and it was)

then tonight

is the light




wishing you a weekend filled with light




October 15, 2014

gratitude leak

It’s another one of those weeks when I can’t see the forest for the trees.

Or something like that.

At least the trees are extra pretty just now.

On Monday two herons flew past my house, just at the moment
I looked out my window. They were quite low in the sky,
and one turned, just as I looked up, and flew straight over my house.

It was a gift, or a blessing, or at the very least,
enough to make me smile for a moment.

It makes me smile now just thinking about it.

A gift then.

A deep breath in a week when I can’t catch mine.

I am grateful.




October 13, 2014

mum’s the word

Well, grand-mum, actually …

And I am over the moon.


Wishing you a week filled with good surprises.





October 10, 2014

friday smile

This photo keeps making me laugh, my silly girl kitty
sleeping with the tip of her nose resting against a file box.

I kind of know how she feels, it’s been another week
with my own nose to the grindstone.

This weekend, I must remember to look up.

I hope you do, too.


Wishing you a weekend of blue skies and good times



October 8, 2014

pictures of you

we’re all the same
we’re all different

the earth has birthed us
the sky keeps us whole

we sing the same song
and tomorrow forgives us

forgets us
protects us

from the wind
that genuflects us

 heads bowed
shoulder to shoulder

in the choir
of existence




October 6, 2014

october monday

The world is colored with orange and brown, red and gold, green and amber. Autumn’s prism, with it’s own brilliant rainbow.

Just outside my window sits the perfect purple of Monkshood, jewel-toned and majestic, overlord of the fall garden.

It was a cold weekend, rainy and grey and busy with work and painting, books and the fire.

And just like that, I’ve fallen into fall.

Head over heels, in love.




October 3, 2014

some days, some weeks

it all just gets away from me.

good thing there’s a weekend for catching up…






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