July 23, 2014

the happy day…


those smiles say it all





July 18, 2014

the happy couple…


I have “better” pictures, more formal, more serious.

But this is the one I love best.

I think because this is the moment I knew.

And so, tomorrow, a wedding celebration.

With silly faces and beaming smiles.

And all the love we can fit in our hearts.

It’s going to be beautiful.

Just like you.






July 16, 2014

have a heart


the love song of a garden

plays an endless loop






and my only job

is to listen





July 14, 2014

sun worship


because the light your reach for

reflects your glow


wishing you a week filled with sunshine

July 11, 2014


I haven’t had snapdragons in years. I missed them.

And I still miss foxgloves and delphiniums, zinnias and cosmos. Maybe next year. My garden has gone from messy cottage to slightly less messy stick-with-what-likes-to-grow-there.

And so it is.

Last night I stepped outside at dusk to call for Naughty Kitten, just at the moment when it seemed all the birds were flying home for the night.

Green herons crissed-crossed with robins, cardinals went ’round starlings, swallows swooped away from mourning doves.

The hummingbird hovered on his own at the feeder, having no match for his flight pattern.

And the tiniest baby toad seems to think I’m its mother, every time I walk outside it comes to me from the hiding place it waits in. I keep moving it, whispering the danger from Kitten, but it keeps returning, making me smile with its teeny-tiny-ness.

Simple joys.

This morning I awoke to a house filled with sunshine. Those same birds sang me awake, again. My garden smells like summer. And there I was smiling, again.

Perhaps my simple life should be boring. I’m sure to some people, it would be.

But somehow, to me, it feels just right.




July 9, 2014


Last night I sat outside and watched a storm roll in, a storm that was supposed to be a bad one, and indeed, the sky turned black and the wind turned vicious and the birds sounded their own sharp warning.

I sat there and wondered why I never grow tired of the sky.

Thunder rumbled its way into the distance, and then the rain came, dropping words to the ground all around me.

Tomorrow’s flowers, every color of the rainbow, washing the dust of life away.

I sat there and told myself I would always remember that moment, but I know I won’t.

It will melt into a melange of all the other nights of storm watching, garden gazing, summer loving, sky worship.

Each one of them perfectly delicious.


July 7, 2014

painting with clouds

from a bucket of sunshine


a weekend of good food, good books,
good weather, good company


still life with gratitude





July 4, 2014

red, white, and blue

The other evening, after another hot, hot day, I went outside to sit in my garden for a bit, just to escape the air conditioning. Which sounds all backwards, I know, but I miss having the windows open, even as I appreciate the coolness.

As I sat there, this hot air balloon flew directly over my head. I didn’t even notice it was up there until I heard that flame-throwing sound, and I looked up to see it right above me. It scared my dog, which made me laugh, and my husband wondered if it was having problems, because it was flying pretty low.

I told him a ride in a hot air balloon is one of the things on my bucket list. Some day.

On this day, it’s just right for wishing you a Happy 4th of July, the day that, for me, marks the true beginning of summer.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, filled with all the things you love best, and a lovely surprise, or two.





July 2, 2014

a day in the life

Because this gorgeous poppy only had one day.

I took this photo Monday evening,
and yesterday as I walked past to go
and check the mail, I noticed that all
the petals were gone, blown away on the breeze,
leaving only a pretty poppy seed head.

One day, to bloom and shine and soak up the sun,
to release all the beauty you are to the world.

Imagine that.




June 30, 2014

red hot

And just like that, the heat arrived, and it became a weekend of far-too-hot hot, though I didn’t let it stop me from gardening.

Finally, yesterday, after my clothes were completely soaked through with sweat and my stomach started feeling off from the heat, I took refuge inside, working on jewelry for my daughter’s coming-very-quickly wedding, while watching Winter’s Tale, a movie made from one of my favorite books of all time. One of the themes in the movie is the fever of one of the main characters, she is forever looking for ways to cool her body down, and so, it seemed just right to be watching it on the first truly hot day of summer.

I have very few poppies this year, when last year they were everywhere. And Love in a Mist, a plant I usually pull out by the armloads, seems non-existent. Apparently they weren’t fond of the too-cold winter.

Too hot, too cold, and somewhere in the middle lies just right. Those are the days I call gypsy days, when I would live outside if I could, and do just that as much as I am able. Days when the sky stretches on forever and the temperature is the perfect mix of warm sun on my skin and cooling, gentle breezes. Those days are a gift, and we’ve already had quite a few this year. I am grateful.

Life has moved into longer evenings and earlier mornings, almost without me noticing. I come in from outside and it’s 8:00 o’clock already, time for folding laundry, catching up on the things left to be done after dark, and finally, reading.

In summer, the dark feels so much lighter, a gentle weight on my shoulders, just enough to hold me in place so I don’t float off into the world of whatever book I’m enjoying.

Just enough.

I’m looking forward to July.








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