March 4, 2015

faking it


until it becomes true


wishing you a wednesday filled with flowers





March 2, 2015

love grows

and it seems to me

that is the magic

the miracle

the light

of life




February 27, 2015



embrace the

lines and wrinkles

flaws and imperfections

joy given freely

hope sung quietly

color that bleeds


let it all

touch your heart





February 25, 2015

a tiny scrap of ordinary magic

I’m kind of loving how the white ribbon I tied to a basket of grandbaby gifts last night is sporting a slight stripe of pink-mixed-with-blue in this morning’s light. (We don’t know if the baby is a boy or a girl, it’s going to be a surprise.)

And I’m kind of loving that last night, while wrapping the gifts, I was struck once again by the fact that I’m going to be a grandma.

A grandma! Something to smile about.

So, a baby shower this weekend.

Something to look forward to on the last day of this oh-so-long month.



February 23, 2015

light love

First I thought:

I have nothing but grocery store flowers to take pictures of, again.

Then I thought:

I have these gorgeous grocery store flowers to take pictures of, again.

That’s better.




February 20, 2015

i dream of spring…


me, too, naughty kitten

me, too




February 18, 2015

same horizon, different sky


and this sun that always rises

reminding us to look up, look out,


for the light

even in the dark days

of winter


another dawn filled

with enough beauty

to get me through

another day,

maybe even



spring hides in those trees

waiting to be tagged

by tilt-shift rays




February 16, 2015

a heaping plate of gratitude

there’s a garden under there, somewhere.

i keep reminding myself of that,
keep working hard to maintain
a sense of humor about it all,

about life.

at least i’m not a bird.

at least i have tea
and a fire
and words.

but i wish
i had a snowsuit
as well.




February 13, 2015

all the light


reflecting hope and promise

time shift and life change

blue sky and sun ray


i hide inside and wait

walk outside and shiver

hide inside and wait


patience is more than a virtue

it’s survival


the coldest weekend of the winter coming up, Sunday’s high is 0˚ F

i’ll be inside, soaking up the light and waiting

there are seed catalogs and books to be read

and written


wishing you a weekend filled with light




February 11, 2015

painting pictures in my mind


holding tight to each smile








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