February 10, 2016

one corner of the spectrum

Some days I want to save the world.

Some days I want to save myself.

Some days I want to save everyone in between.

Today I will settle for the sky.

Tomorrow, we will see.





February 1, 2016

faking spring on february first

because this is sunshine turned into smile

cheap grocery store flowers bringing joy
in a way that never occurs in august

this clear blue sky and i


we hear robin song and bloom





January 27, 2016

january’s garden

blushing with the memory

of sun on skin and

layers of blue sky blanket

tiny stars of optimism

in a kitchen filled with

mittens and boots

and the slight refusal

of dormancy




January 25, 2016

waiting to fly

Monday morning:
this headache with broken wings that flap inside my skull.

Melting snow and downward dog stretching age from bones gone brittle.

Thoughts on loss and gain and loss again.

Wishing to be a tree for a night and the moon for a day.

Spiraling down like a lost flake of snow and landing gently
on a bed of frozen promises.

Melting into tomorrow.

Backlit hope and translucent dream.

Flying closer to the sun.

Winging it.




January 13, 2016

on living where you are

Which, just now, means living inside a cold.

Watching the world go by.

Thinking about black stars and endless cycles.

A sun that also, always, rises.

Re-reading favorite books.

Tackling new ones.

A Christmas tree in the living room, still blaring cheer.

Being okay with that, with all of it.

Being here.





January 6, 2016

I’m sure I’ll regret this in a month but for now…

and all I want to do is sit by the fire and read.





December 31, 2015

december reflections {31}


wishing you

a New Year

filled with stars

and grace

and hope





December 30, 2015

december reflections {30}


being here

and there

with me






December 29, 2015

december reflections {29}


where the heart






December 28, 2015

december reflections {28}


more words

more love

more birds


(special thanks to D for the perfect notebook)






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