January 23, 2015

hanging on

The sun on my face yesterday, feeling warmer than it has of late,
and I felt that tiny shift in season.

The days grow incrementally longer, the angle of light changes
ever so slightly, and the craving for green begins.

January has been a month of external turmoil.
I wish I could say otherwise, but that is the truth.

Already, 2015 has been a challenge.
But those are the years that make you grow.

And so, I hang on. We hang on.

The thaw will come and color will coat my senses.

I hang on.

It’s a crazy ride this life, a crazy ride.

I hang on.





January 21, 2015

ice queen

She visits at midnight and leaves before dawn,
creeping in on silver slippers and
lending her jewelry to the world.

The days begins with beauty and I smile,
even as I shiver.




January 19, 2015

my little chickadee

greeting monday morning with your virtual song

just like the rest of us


the gently falling snow is real

and i am tempted by tongue catching and angel making

but warmth wins out

and this weekend was exhausting

and today, life wins


sing me a story




January 16, 2015

the stillness of light

Hanging in the air in this month of darker-than-should-be moods
and colder-than-should-be temperatures, there is silence and beauty
and growth, however painful.

The decorations have been packed into boxes, I chain-read book after book, and this migraine keeps finding its way back in, no matter how many times I think I’ve kicked it to the curb. Mice have made their way into the storage closet, despite the three cats who pretend to be vigilant.


I have a warm house, and this fireplace, and my tea. I have love and gratitude, life and possibility. And a million tiny moments in between.

Tonight will be pizza and a movie, the Friday night routine that
never seems to get old. Perhaps that means I’m old. But I’m okay with that. I’ve settled in to who I am, even when I find myself boring.

My life is small, and I’m okay with that, too.

It fits quite nicely in the palm of my hand.

Which means I can carry it anywhere.


Wishing you a weekend filled with life.





January 14, 2015


That seems to be where I am these days, standing at the intersection
of where to go next. Each year brings new possibilities,
each morning is one more step.

I’m never certain I’m on the right path, but I get up
and start walking anyway. You can’t stand still in this weather,
your feet would freeze in place.

I can’t see around any corners yet, and I kind of like that,
the not knowing. It keeps me focused on the journey.

Destinations are for December.

There’s a lot of road to walk between now and then,
a lot of moons to offer me solace.

I always know where I am, but never where I’m going.

I surrender to this wisdom and pick of pieces of life along the way.
A broken branch, a white pebble, an empty bottle.

Marking time as I fill all my pockets.





January 12, 2015

gently falling snow

on a silent Monday morning


the only sound is the whisper

of life





January 9, 2015

double date

There’s a party in the driveway this morning, a bird feast.

It’s been a cold, cold week, cave bear weather.

A mini blizzard has kicked up since I got out of bed,
mirroring the way my mind feels,
swirly and twirly and filled with static.

The red cardinal cocks his head at the click of my shutter.

I shudder.

Wrap winter around me just a tiny bit tighter.

Search for words.




January 7, 2015

glory days

i thought i was done taking photos of this plant.

but, oh my, how could i resist?

best amaryllis, ever.


beyond these gorgeous blooms, outside the window,

the world is a frozen landscape of too-cold-for-anything.

the poor little birdies are scrambling for food,

the wind is howling.


i sit here with my tea and toast and peach jam

and these flowers singing of sunshine

and there is peace in my heart.


wishing you a day filled with light





January 5, 2015

stars and snowflakes

january and a new year

bits of december still hanging in the kitchen

transitions and change and change and change

life dances to its own tune, always

the tinkling sound of wind chimes or

the blast of sousa’s symphony

i clean my desk and carry my baggage

plodding on

moving forward

pulling down dusty decoration

and cleaning slates





January 2, 2015



an imitation tree with an imitation shadow

january is undecided about winter

20˚ one day, 50˚ the next

and i am undecided about january


wishing you a weekend filled with light






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