it’s a winter wonderland, again

Last week it was quite warm and almost all the snow melted. This past weekend, almost all of it was replaced. My two outdoor kitties are not so happy, they had so much fun running around out there are those two warm days, and now they are stuck inside once again. Not stuck, exactly, because they can go out if they want, but they go to the door I hold open, peek out and then turn around and go back where it’s nice and warm. Or they go out for five minutes and then want to come right back inside.

I can hardly blame them, we all have a bit of Spring Fever these days.
The good news is that Spring is just one month away.

And so, in honor of that, and to continue our one year Blog Birthday celebration, it is time for another giveaway! Hey, a girl has to
cheer herself up somehow. And no, it’s not a kitten.

This time it’s a free 8×10 print of your choice from my etsy shop.


The easy way: just leave a comment!
Any comment on this post will get you entered once. If you want to make it a bit more fun, tell me which print you would choose!

For extra entries:
Follow me here with google friend connect (see sidebar at right), on facebook here, or on twitter here, or all three if you want. Each one of these will get you an additional entry, just make sure you come back and leave another comment telling me that you did so for each one that you do.

(And in case you missed them, the first giveaway, for a necklace, is here and the second giveaway, silver heart earrings is here.)

Both giveaways will be open until February 28th!

Good Luck!

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Also, all jewelry in the etsy shop is 20% OFF
and all prints are 25% OFF


Love the ‘Blue’ image. Bracing myself for some snow this end too, supposed to be getting some this evening into tomorrow. :0(

Cheers again to the Blog Birthday. I would choose Illuminated — I love the light and the idea that inside of each of us we have that same brightness.

Oh, so yummy, all, & I would choose the print “Blue”~~it speaks to my Witch of Blackbird Pond heart!!

And follow you on FaceBook! <3

We had a big huge helping of SPRING too! Now it is snowing. Ah, well, such is life in the midwest. Glad we’re on this side of winter however. Thank you for entering me in your drawing. I’m off to investigate your ETSY shop.

Happy Blog Birthday! I find “Enchanted Forest” enchanting! Our kitty, Tigger, is equally dissatisfied with the current winter weather in WI. She watches the birds and dreams of spring!

i think golden dragonfly has my name written all over it 🙂

I went to Etsy to look at your prints…ant the enchanted forest print felt to me like I had been there before…in some distant memory…like something I could almost remember….I could hear the quiet in the sunshine….
like a place I had been in my childhood….

I already follow you on twitter!

Our weather is doing the same thing – teasing with spring and then dumping snow. I’m counting down to spring.

I’m a dedicated follower.

Same thing here with the weather. It seems like it will never end 🙁
I love this photograph.
What a gorgeous creature!

you keep giving and giving, and not just in presents, but in words and images too, I love this photo today.

Congrats again…!


How did you capture your kitty so beautifully? The two cats that own us refuse to be photographed unless it’s with a nose on the lens.

i found you in artful blogging! what a fantastic, inspiring blog you have! your work in your etsy shop is so full of serenity… if i had to pick favorites it would be sip…my favorite thing to do and when flowers whisper…you captured it beautifully!

following on twitter!

and facebook too! love the kitty btw!

Beautiful prints! Hard decision which one I would choose, but probably “What I’m Missing… Purple Geraniums” Thank you for the givewaway!

I have “liked” your Facebook page!

I’m following you on Twitter (@soponalimb)!

I’m also following you using Google Friend Connect. (I’m the one with the long wavy brown hair, in front of the foliage – took that pic in Hawaii on our anniversary.)

As much as I love your jewelry, I love your artwork even more. I have no idea which one I would choose if I won. Why put myself through the agony of having to decide unless it’s necessary?

How to choose a single print?! I love them all. I think I narrowed it down to “Reach for the Sky,” “What I’m Missing,” and “Hope is the Promise.” Hard to choose just one. Your words and your images evoke such beauty. Reminders to pay attention to the beauty that surrounds us all. Thank you.

I would choose Sip (but it was hard to pick just one).

I am following you on Google friends.

I am following you on twitter.

I liked your Facebook page. 😀

If offered any one of your images, I’d be thrilled because I think each one is a gorgeous piece of art! Since I’ve already purchased “Butterfly Kisses” from you, my next pick would be “Hydrangea Love”:) So sweet of you to share!

This site is so beautiful! Why did it take me so long to get here? I better go stalk you on facebook too!

Last minute!!! Did I make it in time?


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