almost blue

A blue jay in my driveway eating seed.

Snow sprinkled on trees like confectionery sugar.

A stay at home weekend waiting in the wings.

Bidding adieu to twinkling lights and decorations.

A Sunday spent reading by the fire.

Oh, how I long for a month of Sundays.


Wonderful moment and photography. Like you, I long for a stream of endless Sundays. -Mia

What lovely words and the photo is perfect! Really beautiful… as would be a month of Sundays ♥

I’d love a month of Sundays, too! And funny enough, I like blue jays although we don’t have them here – only scrub jays and stellars, but they’re so funny and regular visitors to my yard. Beautiful.

Oh we can dream. Cozy and warm by the fire watching the world go by. Beautiful.

You always get the most beautiful birds in your yard .

I know sometimes Blue Jays get a bad rap.

But I think they’re beautiful.

And so is this photo. 🙂

Beautiful post and photo.

So, so beautiful. And now I’m going to be dreaming of a month of Sundays all day long.

A month of Sundays. It sounds like the perfect dream. Love it..and the image you’ve chosen to accompany!!!


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