the seeking of the green

has begun, I find my eyes searching the horizon, hoping for a splash of the color that means life.

This past weekend it was warm here, in the high 50s which is crazy for January, and for a day, the grass turned green again.

Now, just a few days later, it is covered, once again, in a blanket of white.

And now it is time to sit by the fire and sip a cup of tea with a stack of seed catalogs at my side. Page upon page of flowers and more flowers and every shade of green I can imagine, and, oh, all that possibility.

I am so looking forward to starting seeds again this year. Last year, the first year in almost ten years, I chose not to, and I regretted that decision. I missed the process, missed the choosing and the planting and the waiting and the coddling and the feeding and the carrying of the trays outside on the first warm day for a short little peek at the sun.

In February and March, the dreariest of months where I live, I will have tiny little seedlings growing in my basement.

When cabin fever hits and I am craving green and would give anything for a tiny breath of spring, I will walk downstairs and find it there, a wonderful sight for my snow-sore eyes.

There will be lots and lots of petunias, tall ageratum and tall snapdragons. There will be tomatoes and peppers and marigolds and morning glory and delphinium. There will be new things to try and old friends to visit.

For now, I must be content with this bowl full of paperwhite narcissus and this colorful stack of catalogs and all my planting dreams.

But, after all, isn’t that what winter is for?


keep dreaming of the green the pov of the photo kelly

Beautiful image…We have a snowstorm right now and lots of snow to all the snow we already had 🙂

I have a seed sprouter and I grow radish, lentils and mung beans all winter to eat. That way I get both the nutrition AND the visual all in one.

i am so not a coddler, but the idea of having such lovely little things awaiting you in your basement, you their mama, sounds pretty darn wonderful. the difference of places, i suppose – we will be blooming by march. if not, perhaps i would ask you to teach me to coddle.

Iagree, Feb and March are the dreariest months where I live as well. I love the billiant yellow-greens of spring!

How beautiful! I love the image, Kelly.

I’m desperately trying to keep my potted basil alive. It’s so cold and it’s not doing too well… 🙁

I can feel myself slipping into the winter doldrums, all white and gray. The thought of green seems so very far away.

green, my all time favourite colour. for so many reasons but summer is a big one.

I also get antsy for the return of spring/green at this time of year. Sadly, I do not have a green thumb and spring is always a very slow process in Spokane… so if you don’t mind, I’m going to hitch a ride on your gardening coattails and enjoy it vicariously. =)

Wonderful images.. YOur blog is full of gorgeousness.. Happy to have found you. Carla

can you plant cosmos? the flowers are gorgeous, we have lots here. on the coffee farm they are used as an I.P.M (integrated pest management) but are without doubt one of the most beautiful of flowers…white, purples, pinks….they go a bit mad (very disorganised flowers) but are lovely.


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