a sheltering sky

What a wonderful, restorative weekend it was! After Thursday, I never left my house. I spent the entire weekend in full-on hermit mode, even turning down my husband’s offer to take me out for dinner on my birthday. All I wanted was to recharge, read, rest, start my holiday decorating, putter in the garden.

And that is exactly what I did. My husband and son cooked me grilled salmon for my birthday dinner, which, in my opinion, was even better than going out.

I spent the entire day Saturday in my garden. It was a glorious day for November, cloudy, but close to 60 degrees. My garden looks so much better now, although I had time to see, close up, how much work I will have to do in the Spring to restore order. Mother Nature wastes no time in reclaiming her bounty while your back is turned.

And this sunset on Saturday was a gift in its own right. How gorgeous is that?

I read four books. Yes, four. They were all fairly short, each around 300 pages, except for Woolgatherings by Patti Smith, which was only around 80. My son bought it for me as a birthday gift. I have to say, I had a very different view of Patti Smith before reading her recent book, Just Kids, and now this one has pushed that view even further. She’s a wonderful writer.

Now it’s time to get back in the saddle again, gearing up for the holidays, working, cleaning, caring, living.

Oh, and did I tell you yet that everything in the etsy shop is 20% OFF? Plus FREE shipping?

Well, it is!!!


Happy Monday!


4 days full of the perfect gifts. this sunset is wrapping paper holding it all in place. gorgeous.

What a beautiful sunset! I’m so behind on my reading!

to a hermit like me, that sounds absolutely perfect!

Glad you had some relaxing days! Looking forward to the holidays?

A time I would like to have… Well, I do have some time for creating, but it is not in my tempo. I have to do it too fast :(. But I’m trying to stay calm… Can’t wait to spend a weekend like your’s one day – soon.
I’m sure you’re now ready for the new challenges and holiday moods…
Happy birthday, by the way! Looking forward to be inspired by you in the future, too. Xoxo

sounds like a wonderful weekend! I’m just trying to recuperate from lots of company!


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