I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving day.

I have three days stretching out before me in which to do a million things
or simply nothing at all.

I will chip away at those million things, but the knowledge that I can also do nothing if I choose makes it all seem okay.

One of those three days will be spent outside, cleaning up the garden. It is unseasonably warm, and my garden is a mess. And while that might
sound like work, I am looking forward to that day most of all.

It’s been so long since I had time to putter out there.

Or anywhere.

Just another gift to be grateful for.


Wishing you a weekend filled with time to putter.


this post is part of texture tuesday over at kim klassen’s place


Love putter time .. never enough of it … with all the household guest, I see no putter time in my weekend! sigh!

doing nothing sounds pretty good. 🙂

I too am going to just enjoy the weekend.

I love to putter. Had a lovely Thanksgiving, thanks. Hope you did too.

Hope you got lots and lots of puttering time in!!

A very lovely photograph. Perfectly textured and edited. I do my puttering on the computer these days. ;o)

great photograph! great application of the texture!

I enjoyed my time of putter and chillin’ as I relaxed here a moment. That is some thick frost!!

wonderful processing – good to have time to do photography. thank you {texture tuesdays}


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