a tiny drop of profound

November marches into December and the world becomes magical. Sparkling, glittering, twinkling magical. No snow, yet, but frosty mornings and hungry birds tell Mother Nature’s secrets long before she reveals them to us.

Already, the mood is changing, the holidays fill my heart with warmth and wonder and love and gratitude. Life is filled with gifts. And not the kind you buy in a store. Tiny moments of contentment that weave themselves into a blanket of beautiful.

Tiny gifts that so often, go unnoticed. In fact, the true gift is in finding them at all, seeing them, breathing them in. Allowing them to be gifts.

A rosebush bare of everything but rosehips, bejeweled by a rain that carried no wind. Droplets dangling like diamonds, even on a day with no sunshine. A gorgeous gift.

And all I had to do was look up.

I am always amazed at how much my garden makes me happy. How much it means to me.

I am grounded here, in my own tiny postage stamp of paradise.

You would laugh if you saw it, it’s not a perfect paradise at all. In fact, quite the opposite. It’s a very flawed version that requires time and patience in which to find the beauty. A slightly wild, untamed version that keeps me guessing.

Filled with secrets and gems, mud and blossom, thorn and lamb’s ears.

Filled with life.

On second thought, perhaps it is quite perfect, after all.




my favorite book, “where the wild things are” came to mind with your description of your “postage stamp.” sounds divine…filled with lurking discoveries and life…lovely musings.


So beautiful!

Wild and untamed provides its own perfection.

Absolutely beautiful prose and pic. I love this post !

So beautiful

I love your description of your garden, postage stamp in paradise, like you I find lots of treasures in my garden, I never used to realise just how much!

It sounds perfect to me 🙂

What a lovely post! I’ve found your blog again after months without–a nonbeautiful thing–a computer virus wiped away my favorites.
In California today, it was incredibly windy. Strong sunlight and wind kicking up leaves. I thoroughly enjoyed watching my cat, captivated by the wind in the trees and leaves cascading down. It’s the little things. No garden for me so my bits of nature are through the window or on walks. Your posts always get my own creative juices flowing. I love the idea of your postage stamp of paradise. Glad to be back–enjoying the gifts of your photography and your words.


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