winter’s blush

Red keeps finding me. Or I keep finding it, I’m not sure which.

In general, I’m a cool color lover, but suddenly, the color of
life keeps moving through my line of vision.

Perhaps it’s a sign. Perhaps it’s because, so far this winter, I feel
invigorated rather than sluggish, I feel content rather than restless,
I feel open rather than closed.

I am quiet. Listening. Absorbing. Inhaling.

Holding my breath for one split second
before releasing it back out into the world.

Red is my armor. Red is my amour.

I’m not sure which.

I’m not sure it matters.

I am loving the color in my cheeks.


Wishing you a Monday filled with color.




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I am sitting here smiling just reading this. There are no words.

ooh. when a color claims you, you must pay attention. i loved this before seeing the image or reading your words. you had me at blush.

Red is my armor. Red is my amour . . . . just love that line.

Love this image – lovely pop of red. And I loved reading your words too. So beautifully written.

I rarely find red in my landscape…I am also a lover of the cool colors. This is a beauty in color and texture.

invigorated, content, open – things i’m entirely too envious of. as always, finding comfort in your writings.

So beautiful, I love the colour and texture…

Beautiful image and your poetry is soft and gentle…your words were uplifting for me today…thank you!


I love the colours in your image along with your words. A beautiful photo.

Beautifully done. Your words express the feeling very well.


Beautifully expressed – beautiful image!

Beautiful work!!

This is so lovely!

So simply beautiful….this single stem of? I really like it.

Beautiful! 🙂

Lovely words! Red is such a warm color to offset winter’s chill…or freezing cold!! Here’e hoping you find lots of red to keep your spirits warm.

Like your pic, like the color.


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