March 27, 2013


My latest bunch of tulips has become wild and raucous in their last hours, and this is making me smile.

Tulips make me smile, and, so, I keep buying them. For now, they are my stand-in for the real thing, this Spring that keeps dragging its feet, not quite ready to dance its way across my grey and tawny landscape.

Outside it is chilly and breezy, but the sun is shining and that is glorious.

I still have yet to see a robin, but it will be any day now, I’m certain.

I feel my body and my mind reawakening, celebrating the season despite its tardiness.

Sometimes, you just have to start the party, even if the guest of honor is running behind.

I have sunshine and tulips to entertain me until she shows up, plus this little smile of hope and promise on my face.

And life spins on around me.





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February 25, 2013

pour me a cup of sunshine

I am still struggling with the grey of this February,
but at least March has moved into view.

Promises of sunshine and garden planning add a bright spot,
as will a trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show.

This month never fails to trip me up a little, but there is tea,
and there is tomorrow, and a bit of sugar will sweeten things up.

Care to join me?


Wishing you a week filled with sunshine.





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January 21, 2013

winter’s blush

Red keeps finding me. Or I keep finding it, I’m not sure which.

In general, I’m a cool color lover, but suddenly, the color of
life keeps moving through my line of vision.

Perhaps it’s a sign. Perhaps it’s because, so far this winter, I feel
invigorated rather than sluggish, I feel content rather than restless,
I feel open rather than closed.

I am quiet. Listening. Absorbing. Inhaling.

Holding my breath for one split second
before releasing it back out into the world.

Red is my armor. Red is my amour.

I’m not sure which.

I’m not sure it matters.

I am loving the color in my cheeks.


Wishing you a Monday filled with color.




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February 13, 2012


can be a blizzard on a weekend when just exactly what you need
is to sit by the fire, reading.

or a tiny paper bird created by a sweet soul that makes you smile
every time you walk past it.

it can also be working together as a family to install a new hot water heater
on the day your old one springs a leak.

and being grateful that it was something you know how to fix, because
it is one of the many things in life your father taught you how to do.

and a mom who is always there when you need her.

a husband who cleans up after dinner just because he knows
you are dying to finish your book.

a son who builds you the fire you will sit before.

a bunch of kittens sprawled in the warmth of that fire
as the wind howls outside your door.

and having the good sense to realize
just how truly blessed you are.



bird made by red or gray art

October 3, 2011



all a morning glory


to be happy

is the sun.

. . .

go ahead,

tilt your face up.




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