a wednesday like any other

It’s ridiculously cold, and my naked garden is not amused.

Losing the nice blanket of snow that had been covering it is not really a good thing, if you’re a plant.

The sun is shining, though, and it’s hard to complain about that, especially in January. I have work to catch up on, paperwork to finish, and each night, a cozy fire to sit before. It’s hard to complain about that as well.

The naughty kitten is complaining, not being a fan of snow or cold temperatures, he is bored and housebound. He sits at the window watching birds and waiting for spring. We had bad news about our oldest cat yesterday, not unexpected, but still, she is nearing the end of her time with us. For now, we just make her comfortable, feed her all the tuna she wants, and wait. We’ve had her for 18 years, my husband still remembers how, as a tiny kitten, she used to climb up his pant leg all the way to his shoulder to sit there while he washed the dishes. I brought her home right around the time that we met, and she has always been part of our relationship.

And so it is.

Next week, there will be another Wednesday.

And another the week after that.

And each day in between will be a gift.



Your words are so bitter sweet. Our kitty is in the same place as yours. We try to make as comfortable as possible. And he has been with us as long as we have been a couple. And still, life marches forward.

i just love you ~ your heart is huge.
gentle pats for your constant companion … xo

I’m sorry about your cat, but glad she has lived such a long and happy life.

Oh Kelly, its hard knowing that a life is nearing its end. Eighteen years is impressive, I hope your remaining days together are full of love, nuzzles and pain free comfort.

Just like that kitten was a gift. 18 years is an awfully long time – such a wonderful long life!


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