what i am missing

flowers and rain, sunshine and fireflies

the smell of earth

weeds that mock

butterflies and robins, bare legs and spiderwebs

tiny green buds just opening

peeping frogs at dusk

daffodils and roses, hummingbirds and crickets

the chatter of red-wing blackbirds

curtains that move in the breeze

my tiny ocean of color

::     ::     ::


gorgeous photo. you brought us spring so vividly, thank you. xo

oh yes. yes. yes. i am looking out at snow (2 days now! gasp!) and already so tired of it. you must be more than ready for those bare legs. sunshine. i am wishing it your way.

this post makes me wish for Spring!


I didn’t exactly know it until I read this post but I’m missing all that stuff too. In a HUGE way. Well done.

Lovely photo and post! Spring is sooooo far away for us northern WI folks that I shouldn’t even think about it. Spring is but a dream.

Yes, I’m missing those things too, especially the hummingbirds and the touch of green.


Thanks for sharing this lovely poem. Your blog is beautiful! I’m enchanted by all the queen anne’s lace (one of my favorite flowers…a memory flower, tied to a summer in Massachusetts from my childhood).

How did you know what I was missing?! So, so very ready for Spring and all her gifts:)


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