turn, turn, turn

I am spinning very slowly these days, gearing up just a little at a time. This is a big improvement over January, in which I felt like I was standing still, or moving backwards.

Each day grows slightly longer, each morning I have slightly more energy. I’ll take these tiny increments, I cannot rush the passing of winter any more than I can stop the passage of time. And of course, in truth, I would not want to.

But I feel myself settling in to 2011, finally. Making plans, making progress, tiny baby steps that add up at the end of each day. I feel myself moving forward.

Perhaps standing still in January was just what I needed. I wish that I could have managed to enjoy it more, but hopefully, I have learned that lesson. Sometimes, standing still is good.

Letting life wash over you, smoothing away some of those rough edges.

Polishing and burnishing.



I am so happy I found your post and site. I can SO relate. Sigh…I thought it was just me . Beautifully written. Reading your post makes me feel better about my baby steps.

It’s funny how January tries to give us a gift, the gift of being still of slowing down but like a bad Christmas gift it’s not always well received. Glad you find yourself moving forward as do I.

Your style of writing always puts a smile on my face!

Thanks for the beautiful prose, and even more for affirming that it’s not just me feeling this way!

the beginning of january was hopping, but i know exactly what you mean about standing still at the end. the beginning of february has done the same…but i’m ready for it to speed up now!

however, i’ll try to let it smooth away a bit, polish and reveal…i do have a feeling it will be beautiful when it does.

Sometimes, I think we all need to stand still for awhile. I truly believe that doing so helps us move forward again. It’s the baby steps that count for sure!

Sometimes we need to stand still to allow our senses to fill up again and begin the process of living an artful life. So glad to hear your moving forward into February with a renewed spirit.

Here’s hoping you keep taking those steps forward at a pace that is perfect for you.

Kelly! It’s been so long since I’ve visited your site! Not having the internet up for months really sucks! While at work today, I opened up the new issue of Artful Blogging and I was so encouraged to see you featured in it! I was so SO blessed to read your entry as I feel that you wrote down so eloquently a lot of the feelings I have felt, perhaps so many of us have felt, as we try to find our voice. You are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing with us. 😀

Love your writing, Kelly. So honest, and I can relate so well. Beautiful!

A chance to pause is not always a bad thing. Love your “polishing and burnishing”. You are a painter of words!

Words and photo are so great together


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