catching up

Today I am over at Inspiration Studio, with some thoughts on new growth.
I would love it if you stopped over to say hello!

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I have also joined in a fun new project with Graciel at evenstart art
and Debi at emmatree.

the dollhouse project

We are each, in our own way, going to create a dollhouse this year, a dollhouse for the soul, if you will. Graciel has a dollhouse from her childhood that she is going to decorate, Debi is creating individual rooms, I am planning to create digital rooms that belong to The House that Defines Me, one for each of my creative pursuits, writing, photography, knitting, etc.

Sounds like great fun, eh?

I will offer more details soon, think about it, you may want to join us!


Truly gorgeous photograph!

Your post at i-Studio was amazing. I’m still thinking about it hours later!

You absolutely amaze me , that is so beautiful. .

gorgeous shot. do you have an etsy shop?

a spectacular post at inspiration studio! you have articulated why i love winter. it reveals the truth. it tells me to be unafraid of showing just who i am.

and a super-big yay(!) putting perfection out to the curb with dollhouses.


Beautiful photo. So surreal, like a forest in Narnia.

thanks for your reply. i don’t see this particular print. will you be adding it in the future? and if so, in a bigger size than 8 x 10? thank you.

I so look forward to seeing your dollhouse! I have no idea what to do for mine…

I love this photo. Wonderful light. ♥ tam and

an 8 x 10 would be fine too. would you let me know when it goes into your ETSY shop? thanx.


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