the heart is a tiny universe

In her youth she was the sun, shining brightly for all to see.
Her smile was persistent, adamant, and would not be ignored.

Some days, she was trampled, mowed over, made to feel unwelcome.
Despite it all, she reached for the sky, always growing,
always hoping, always standing tall.

After a time, she fell in love with the moon. And so, she changed,
shape-shifting to fit the mold of night’s reigning queen.
She could be seen in the darkness of midnight,
and spent all her time seeking wishes.

The moon, alas, had no warmth to offer,
and never strayed from the path it was bound to.

One night, something inside of her loosened,
and she cast all her wishes to the wind.

The moon, feeling sorry for what she had done,
gathered up these tiny stars and
spread them like a blanket ‘cross the sky.

These bits of light embraced her like children,
and she alone was always there
to watch them shine.

(for my mom)


Layer upon layer upon layer, each filled with wonder.

Truly special.

Magnificent. I cried and thought this would make a wonderful children’s book, complete with your beautiful photographs.

Yes, Anna, I thought so too; a perfect little child’s book.

I agree with Anna! What a beautiful story! I love how it unfolded and I got lost in it. Thank you

This is breathtaking!

This is so sensitive and BEAUTIFUL!!!

My beautiful child, you made your mama cry. This is absolutlely beautiful………………

endearing and enchanting … and i also agree how beautiful this would be as a children’s book …
and even more fitting it is written by a girl for her mom … xxo

Any girl would love to hear Nana’s words. Bravo ~

it’s after midnight, and you made me cry. but thank you. this is beautiful.


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