May 6, 2016

love, blooming

Nothing says spring to me like forget-me-nots.

They run rampant through my garden, and I’m happy to let them.

It’s going to be a weekend filled with love.

Mother’s Day and the grandbaby’s birthday.

A weekend to remember, for sure.


Wishing you a weekend filled with love and memories.

And Happy Mother’s Day
to all the fabulous mothers in my life.





March 14, 2016

tiny accomplishments in big lives
{and vice versa}

I spent two days this past week cutting back the outrageously overgrown yews in front of my house, a project that has needed to be done for years, a project with a small window of opportunity, one that I have missed more than once. It’s a messy job, a difficult job, a job for someone stronger and more flexible than I, but I was determined to get it done, now, in this year that is beginning to feel like a watershed one.

I am scratched and bruised and my back hurts, and my completed task revealed all the places on my house that now need repainting, but I can see the sky from my bed again. There is more light inside, and more light is always a good thing.

Inside, I have a new mess, boxes to tackle after my 89-year-old friend moved out of her home into a long-term care facility, gifts she handed down, pieces to cherish and find special homes for. I haven’t figured out yet what to do with everything, nor what to do with the cracks in my heart, but somehow chopping those bushes down was related. I needed to cut and saw and grunt and curse and accomplish something. Maybe I needed to be in control of one small thing for a few hours. Maybe I needed to let off some steam. Maybe I needed to let some things go.

I’ve come to understand that it all gets more complicated as life goes on, that peace will always be slipping through my fingers, that there will never be time for everything, that standing in my yard with the wind in my hair is the best that some weeks will offer.

I’ve come to understand that it’s not accomplishments that matter either, it’s the love behind them that counts.

I’ve come to understand that sometimes survival is a matter of cutting out the parts that block the sun, paring things down to the bone, making space for new growth.

The imperfections I’ve revealed aren’t what’s important. The blemishes matter less than the light.

Looking out, I can only see sky, and the rain washing everything clean.

Every day, I learn.

The wounds heal, the wind blows, we all grow.

Today, that’s what I know.




March 11, 2016

the effort of open

There are weeks that take you backward.

When moving through doors feels so final.

When opening feels like closing.

Endings and endings and endings.

Yes, there will be new beginnings,
but first, you must walk the gauntlet.

Forward is there, across the threshold.

But all this distance lies in between.

The shape of light and shadow defines everything.

The fragile scent of future fills the air.


Life goes on.





November 4, 2015

mixed-up holiday confusion

Christmas colors in one corner of my garden.

But I’m not even ready to think about it, even if the retail world is.

I’ve only just started to think about Thanksgiving.

Pumpkins and autumn and squash and gratitude.

Family and friends and togetherness.

A simple gathering of love.

Orange and brown and spice and wheat.

Time to cook and talk and appreciate

each other, life, blessings.

I’m keeping November right there, where it belongs.





August 19, 2015

watching the sun set
on the lake of contentment

There’s nothing like camping to remind you what’s important in life.

What you really need to survive,
and all the things you don’t need at all.

And how little it takes to make you happy.





Morning tea.



Maybe a bit of chocolate.

A big, open heart.

And okay, an air mattress doesn’t hurt either.


Wishing you an open-hearted Wednesday.




June 29, 2015

sugar and spice and everything nice…


A weekend with the sweet little grandbaby,
lots of smiles and family and baby girl snuggles.

It was the perfect kick-off to summer,
despite the fact that it rained all weekend.

Somehow that really didn’t matter.
There was enough love to fill our hearts with sunshine.


Wishing you a week filled with love.




June 22, 2015

always a smile and a big wide heart

Taking time today to wish my mom a Happy Birthday. I’ve never know anyone so kind and caring and giving. She spends all her time doing things for other people, taking care and offering assistance, concern, and companionship, and sometimes nothing more than an ear to bend or a shoulder to cry on.

She’s the best, and I just wanted to let her know how much she is appreciated for all that she offers to the world. It’s a better place simply because she’s in it.

I love you, Nana. You’ve taught me so much about life and living.

Take a little time for yourself today, read a book, take a nap, put your feet up.

You deserve it.






May 8, 2015

the color of joy

After a long day of waiting and wondering…

it’s a girl!

And we are just thrilled.

And now I’m a grandma.

A new hat to wear.

I think I’ll choose purple.


Wishing you a weekend filled with joy.





March 6, 2015

king of the hill

It’s been a long, snowy, winter. My dog, Jake, and NaughtyKitten™ can both look right into my studio window now when they want to come inside.

Jake loves to be King of the Hill. He’s not usually a great fan of being outside, except to “help” my husband grill, but winter is his favorite. Supposedly he is part beagle and part German shepherd, but I think there must be some husky in there somewhere.

He loves the snow.

At this point in the season, that makes one of us.


Wishing you a weekend filled with things you love.




October 24, 2014

last night i almost missed the magic…

but my husband called me outside just in time.

thanks, honey.