the cat days of summer

He is such a naughty kitten. He never comes when he is called, he teases old lady cat who is queen of the house, he hunts birds.

Every afternoon, like clockwork, he takes a nap in this chair, lord of his domain.

His brother, George, has been gone for a year now, and I still miss him.

Every day while this one is outside, I worry.

He goes by Brett, or He Who Must Not Be Named, or Doodlebug.

Yes, Doodlebug.

Doesn’t he look like a Doodlebug?

He drives me crazy and he makes me laugh and he is such a naughty kitten.


Wishing you a weekend filled with naps.




what a fabulous life he leads. i am sure he is dreaming of robins. 😉

Doodlebug! That’s adorable! Have a wonderful fun and nappy weekend too!

Such a beautiful photo…I love to see them sleeping

Always greatly appreciate the smile. I empathize with you missing George, it’s hard.

I think he is telling you he does’nt care what you call him ,as long as you remember his title …..

which is ”His royal lordship, the Duke 🙂


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