thanks, mom

When I was sixteen and my first boyfriend broke my heart, my mom told me there were more fish in the sea, and I didn’t believe her.

When I was ten and my mom told me to eat my vegetables because they were good for me, I might have believed her, but I still wouldn’t eat my cauliflower.

When I was seven and I forgot to change my underwear one morning, my mom brought a clean pair to my classroom, in a paper bag. And I couldn’t believe she did that.

When I was twenty four and about to give birth to my son, my mom told me all kinds of things about being a mother, what it would mean, how difficult it is, how fascinating and amazing and life altering and wonderful it would be. I listened, I believed, but I could not comprehend.

And now my son is twenty-four and I look at him and I can’t believe I had him when I was that same age, he seems so very young.

And when he was sixteen and a girl broke his heart, I told him the same thing, about all those fish, and he didn’t believe me, either.

And he never ate his vegetables when he was a kid. But now he likes more vegetables than I do.

And when he was seven, I made him eat tofu because I was a vegetarian. And he still can’t believe I did that.

And, today, I realize that my mom was right, about all of it. It is hard and life-altering and wonderful and amazing and fascinating and sometimes heart-breaking, but mostly heart-expanding. And it isn’t a job, being a mother. It’s who you are.

And when someone tells you to cherish the moments you have with your children when they are little, to worry less about the housework and the errands, and more about enjoying those wonderful, beautiful, oh so precious moments because they grow up so very fast…

Believe it.


I believe it and suddenly there is grandchildren to care for 😉 and that’s a whole other story 🙂

Yes – believe it..believe…believe every word. My 24-year old son was just home for the weekend. All grown..and still much too young to be as old as he is. And – how is it that time has passed this fast???
Hope your day was special and good!!!

okay, here’s the truth: yesterday i was a teensy little ole’ bit disappointed on account of my daughter sent me a happy mother’s day greeting on facebook from her downstairs bedroom at our get-away house, and my boy tweeted me good wishes. both called, though, as they do every single day. and so i flossed another hole in my heart and realized that because of all the things we share and cherish, because we talk daily (sometimes several times a day), because we ask each other’s advice and input on important things – all while maintaining spaces in our togetherness . . . well, i’d rather have kind of relationship than a one-day-a-year store-bought greeting card kind of day.

Ohhh Kelly , I’m sorry about the underdiddies

Love Mom

Just found your site by mere accident (like there are any)….LOVE this post. Believe it…is so true.

oh, this is absolutely perfect. i so get it – and my little ones are still just little but i am glimpsing just how quickly this all will pass. grazie! warmly, s

This was amazing. Beautiful, profound and oh, so true. My 12 year old doesn’t believe me either… but he will.


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