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It is Friday and my mind is wandering, wondering where another week went, how I got here so fast, and yes, I got a lot done, but there is still more to do.

My garden needs attention, lots of it, I haven’t finished spring cleaning my house, and obviously, haven’t even started spring cleaning my mind.

I am making jewelry, working hard, our first show is only one month away. I can’t believe that I am there already, when I thought I had so much time.

Mother’s Day is this weekend and that always gives us so much to think about, how much we love our kids, how much we love our  mothers, how much of our lives revolves around that word.

I am looking forward to Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae Roberts. Not the in an airplane kind, the in your heart and soul kind. Kelly’s was one of the first blogs I ever came across, and I love her work, her energy, her sense of community. If you’ve never been, you should wander there, sometime.

I am gazing out my window and seeing the whole world suddenly green, and how that, and sunshine, changes everything.

I am loving bare feet on hardwood floors, cool in the morning.

I am letting my mind wander where it will, for just a few moments before I tackle the to-do list of today.

I am loving that these random thoughts, these wandering paths, somehow all add up and make sense, at least to me.

Where are you going to wander to, today? This weekend?

I hope it’s somewhere fun…


The week flew by! Hope your have a wonderful weekend!

Hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day Kelly We love you.


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