standing tall

Life tries to beat you down, sometimes, doesn’t it?

A sudden downpour, high winds, maybe even a little hail.
And we have no choice, at the time, but to stand there
and take it. But afterwards, you get to make choices.

You can lay there, bent and broken, or decide to show life
a thing or two. You can pick yourself up, brush yourself off,
and choose to be resilient, flexible, strong.

To stand tall, and walk down the path that you have chosen,
even if you have a little limp for a while. Even if your muscles ache and your brain is tired and your heart is a little broken.

And after all that, what a surprise to find that still,
you blossom.


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Thank you for the inspiring words. Beautiful shot!

Love your words and the photo…. we do have a choice, don’t we?

Beautiful. Your words are poetry. And your blossom photo is ethereal!

today i’m a little bent and broken….and the rain outside is just making it worse….
but i’ll be back up blossoming in a day or two….that’s just how i am…a fighter, i guess…..

Lovely bokeh!

sweet. Lovely picture too.

Beautiful photo. Beautiful words.

Beautiful! I want textures!

So beautifully written! I know just what you mean!

life does ask so much from us sometimes!
here’s to all our strength & rising despite
our weariness & skinned precious knees!
lots of love your way, gorgeous one.xox

great post! love the photo, too… perfect.

oh my gosh kelly!!! i adore your inspiring words.. and man oh man do i know what you are talking about!!

you are so wise… and gosh, adore the image too!!

inspired every time i visit… xxo, kim


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