sunrise, sunset

Some days are hot, some days are cold. Some days you are up, some days you are down. It’s all life, cycling through us and around us and giving us a reference for the passing of time.

The things we put behind us always add to the way we see the things that lie before us.

That’s where I am just now, holding in the the long inhale of the past few weeks, almost ready to exhale and relax a bit and recover from the whirlwind that has been spinning through my days.

I want to sit in my garden and put my feet up for an entire afternoon with nothing but a good book for company.. And one of these days, soon, I will do just that. I will sip a glass of wine as I watch the sunset once again behind that tree. I will let my self do nothing for a day, an evening, a morning.

It’s been far too long since I’ve done nothing.

I miss nothing.

I want nothing.

I need nothing.

I want to pour myself into the white space of that sun and breathe in all of that nothing.

Let it fill my lungs with light and joy and possibility.

Oh yes, you most definitely can get something

from nothing.



p.s. Once again, I want to say thank you for all of your kind wishes these past few weeks. Our show went well this past weekend, the knee was a little stiff from all the standing but still okay, and my husband is up and around and doing fine. I so appreciate all of your support and encouragement. xoxo, kelly


Ahhhh….absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this…

oh, you know it, mistress of words, nothing is everything. my one day of lounging and reading this summer? it was glorious. spectacular. needful.

do it. do it. xo

sometimes nothin’ is a real cool hand. 🙂

Oh, so glad to hear the show went well, the knee and hubby are also well! A great post here … moments of nothingness are so treasured by me.

Ah, I felt the bliss of doing nothing rush over me as I read this

I love both words and image

Nothing is never’s always so full!! Hope you get your ‘nothing’ soon!!

Oh I know what you mean!!
I truly enjoy nothing when I can get it!


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