built-in pool

He lives in the reservoir of my window box.

I only see him (and his friends) when I water and his pool overflows.

But it always makes me smile.

I am so easily amused.


he is so adorable. Look at that face. He looks like he’s a bit upset about this.

I love froggies (as long as I don’t have to touch them). I have a glass one sitting in my office windowsill.

oh my goodness! too precious! but don’t you just hate how loud these tiny guys are! we have too many in our backyard. i’ll be standing out on our patio, near our little pond, listening to the crickets and all of the sudden out of the blackness of the night one croaks really close by and my heart skips a beat!

What an incredible photo of your little friend!

Makes me smile too. How did your show go at the weekend?

i have one of those in my french drain ..they always make me got a great shot~

he looks as if to say”oh it’s you again “


LOL, makes me smile

he’s wonderful, and a lucky guy to have found such a wonderful home. and easily amused people are the best!


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