sugar coated

It’s hard to sugar-coat some days, especially lately when there is too much work and not enough play, but today the sun is shining, it is warm enough for morning tea in the garden, and hopefully I will be able to break away for a midday run.

My garden is filled with weeds, seriously filled with them. I have whole sections that need to be completely dug up, but somehow, this sounds like fun to me. This morning finds me wishing to be out there, unable to, but wishing.

And so, in looking for the silver lining, the sugar-coating, the beauty that I knew had to be there somewhere, I found a dew-sprinkled weed looking far too pretty to be ignored.

The windows were open all night long, and the mockingbirds were out early, mocking. I can’t be annoyed with them, even when they get me out of bed earlier than planned. Their enthusiasm for life just makes me smile.

And so, here I am, smiling on a Monday morning.

Well then, life is pretty good, don’t you think?


Wishing you a week filled with sweetness.


Life is more than pretty good…it holds so much possibility in every day that sometimes I can’t keep up. Just smiling on a Monday morning is a start and sometimes it’s enough for one day. Love this weed…now THAT is sugar coated! xo

Life is darn good! Even better when I get my yard back into shape!


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