skating on the precipice of silence

a day that begins with softly falling snow ends with a slowly rising moon.

i walk down the driveway in the dark, and she sings to me.

inside, there is warmth and comfort food,

celebration and light.

i stand for a moment, dressed in moonlight and pearls

gazing up at that mona lisa smile.

she knows, as do i,

that the sun will rise all too soon.


Your writing is so warm, my morning ice is melting. It melts my heart as well.


Gently trying the ice.

i LOVE this picture! i can just imagine the thoughts in the cat’s mind. and it was a wonderful moon, soft behind the clouds here, but just as silent and smiling. gorgeous.

Oh, the photo took my breath away !! ♥

This is an incredible image! I can feel the tentativeness of your kitty’s steps. And your poetry is magnificent. Simply wonderful!

What an amazing photo 🙂

I’m in love with this image.

We have the same cat! 😉 No, they just look a lot alike. Beautiful!


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