the soul in bloom

Isn’t it nice to see flowers? Not that I’m seeing these out my window, this is a photo I took last fall. But sometimes you just have to remind yourself that the world won’t be grey forever.

In truth, I cannot complain about the weather, it has been an extremely mild winter so far.

But enough about me. I wanted to tell you about something wonderful today. A friend of mine, Graciel of Evenstar Art fame, recently asked me to participate as an instructor in the fabulous e-course that she is offering!

It’s called

The Soul in Bloom

Home Edition

and it’s going to be wonderful!

It began as a question:

Where do you feel most at home?

and evolved into a quest to find the answer.

Below is some info from the sign-up page, or click here for full details.

“So, I took that question and walked among the trees. The trees told me it was time to honor all aspects of home; my body as first home, my dwelling as second, the earth as third. In honoring that trinity I would finally and irrevocably come home to myself. And being at home with myself would transform my life.

I ask it of you ~ where do you feel most at home? Let’s find out together. Come home along with me. Let’s bloom.  xo, Graciel”

I think it will be a wonderful journey!


Last year I had the best time working with Graciel in designing her magazine series: The Soul in Bloom (available here). It was such a joy to work with so much beautiful content. Graciel has an incredible way of looking at the world, at nature, at life.


Would love to have you join us!



This e-course sounds wonderful Kelly. Thank you for the information, and also for this beautiful photograph! It’s been a very mild winter here also, but it’s still gray!

How wonderful! Congrats! 🙂

So proud of you Sissy….

the course sounds delightful! And congrats on being part of it Kelly.

Congratulations! I’m sure you will inspire many others with your deep thoughts and beautiful images. Keep going :)!


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