In a vase full of flowers, I am able to find the light of spring, the gift of growth, the promise of color.

Lately, grey has been more than a color, it has been a mood. And while I am fond of the color, the mood… well, not so much. Sometimes, you just have to be patient, even with yourself.

You have to give yourself space and time and warmth. It takes acceptance and resignation. And it takes a good healthy dose of optimism. A word that can be hard to come by, a word that often hides in puddles and underneath rocks. A word that is brighter than sunshine after three weeks of rain.

But you can’t force these things, you can’t make the sun shine through a hurricane. Nor can you bring on the rain. You just have to take cover and wait it out, listen to the howling, the battering, the chaos, and sit there, quietly, until it passes.

There is nothing else to be done.

We can only control so much of this life, there is only so much we can do. Some days it rains, some days there is fog, and some days we reach for the sun. Some days we make our own light, other days we feel tethered to a cloud of grey.

Through it all we can moan and groan and cry and weep or sit and watch the world roll by. Either way, it all keeps happening. Life lives itself with us or without us. Flowers bloom, trees grow, a new season begins.

So you have to be ready when it happens. Ready to pick yourself up and reach for the sky, to blossom and nod your head in the breeze.

You can weather the storm or run hard, against the wind. But either way, you just keep going.

Eventually, those clouds will break.


Brilliant post – made me want to shout Amen.

You are far too wise my noble one for one so young.

Your wisdom and strength astound me!!

Beautifully put . . . I had to chuckle at the fact that I’ve been feeling a little grey recently and I’m sat here wearing a grey sweater. Guess my mood is spilling over into my clothing now too.

I think many feel this way at this time of year, when the excitement of the holiday is behind us, and we know that we have a very long, cold winter ahead of us. But like you, I am trying to surround myself at least a bit with thoughts of the spring to come, and this photograph is a gorgeous reminder of that.

Just so.

thank you, wise friend, I love you.

Thank you for those words.

So hopeful and insprining!!!

Beautiful words! So needed them today…because I’m growing weary of all the grey:)

So true — and when you are surrounded by shades of grey (ground, sky, light) it makes it even harder. But you are also right that it will turn around. Love the tulip — that is such a beautiful capture. I think I’m going to have stop at the grocery store today and pick up some flowers. I’m so craving color right now!


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