I was planning a much longer catching-up-on-things sort of post today

but then a rush job for my graphics business came in,

so instead

I picked this dandelion for you

because it has an extra clump of wishes,

do you see them, there, on the right?

And now I hope all your wishes

come true.

Happy Friday.



I’m so glad to know there are other people out there who truly appreciate the simple elegance of the dandelion! I wish more people appreciated the gift they are in early spring, and wouldn’t try to eliminate them with weed killer!

Kelly, even if it’s a simple post like today, I always look forward to it. How you do everything is beyond me! Such talent!
Have a great weekend.

*big inhale…and cheeks puffing out* You, too, sweetie!!

I hope all your wishes come true 🙂

same to you!

i have missed my visits here ..filled with a gentle smile and a dandelion wish ~~ be well friend!!

i do see them. i think some of them are for you. we can share. xoxo

Happy saturday already


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