happiness is one shy bird

For the past week, I’ve been trying to get a picture of the bluebird that is contemplating nesting in the birdhouse I have in my garden. It hasn’t been easy. All birds are shy, of course, but the bluebird seems especially so. I am not anywhere near as close to him as it looks in this photo, a long telephoto lens and some serious cropping are responsible for that.

But isn’t he gorgeous?

If he and his wife keep coming back, I will keep trying. The birdhouse is actually quite close to our picnic table, but I haven’t been able to get that close yet without them flying off. I am also very undecided about whether or not I actually want them to nest. Of course, I want them to, but we have two outdoor kitties and I am not quite sure what to do about that. In fact, earlier in the Spring, I spotted one of my cats sitting on top of this same birdhouse.

In the past, this house has been used mostly by tree swallows, which I adore (they are the funniest of birds), but for some reason this year they showed no interest… perhaps because of the cats.

Yesterday was a perfect weather day, sunny and high 70s, everything green and lush from a week’s worth of rain. I spent the day outside in my garden, pulling a million dandelions, mulching, and trying to get pictures of various birds. Seriously, if it was like that everyday, I would live outside.

Sunshine has been such a rarity this Spring, I just couldn’t help but stay out there until the sun when down.

Today we are back to grey skies and probable rain. I am so glad I was able to be out there yesterday, soaking up the sun, working hard amongst the flowers, playing hide and seek with that oh-so-shy bluebird of happiness.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday.


get some meal worms and they will stay for a long time. I have my second clutch this spring.. two last spring. this morning there were three on the box! not sure what to tell you about the kitties, though.

Oh, thanks so much for the photo, Kell!! I have the same situation, outside our dining room. Each evening when we sit down to dinner, we sit and watch the Mommy and Daddy Bluebird, and the Daddy looks just like this! So, so sweet. Our little birdhouse is high on a skinny post, and our cats have never even approached it. They have lots of other places that are probably easier….trees.

What a beautiful shot! We had bluebirds nest a few years ago… but not since then. The sparrows seem to chase them off. We loved watching them. They are so beautiful! What kind of lens helped you capture this gorgeous photo?

Such a lovely photo, Kelli! No bluebirds around here. Yesterday was great and I spent some time in the yard. Today, though, back to cloudy, rainy, chilly. Such funny weather! Hope those ole bluebirds are kitty smart!

What a beautiful colored bird! We’ve been watching ducks and loons on the lake. Sooo glad it’s almost summer!

it was definately worth the wait to capture him

It’s both fun and frustrating to sit and wait for birds to pass my viewfinder 😉

Great shot!


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