On Saturday, it was fairly nice out, so my husband and I decided to take our dog for a walk. It ended up being a five-mile walk on a snowy trail, a good workout, and it was wonderful to be outside, breathing in some fresh air. We saw quite a few birds, chickadees and sparrows, cardinals and crows, titmice and a hawk.

And then there was little guy, all cute and happy and making me smile. He was kind enough to sit still as I snapped several photos, he didn’t really seem to mind my presence. Perhaps he was concentrating on looking for food.

Yesterday I sat at my kitchen table watching the birds at the feeder again, and realized that I have been looking at birds out that same window for 27 years. That’s a long time. And then I thought about all the things in this house that I always thought I would change, the tiny windows being one of them, and I can’t believe that much time has gone by without it happening.

I was so young when I moved here, my son still a baby. And I never thought I would still be in this same house, all these years later.

Life is funny, it just keeps on keeping on, no matter where you stand or land or fly on off to.

But somehow, it feeds you, too. And in many ways, this place has kept me grounded.

My garden is here, a place that has become a part of who I am.

We have a history together, this tiny house on this plot of land with birds and flowers and wide open sky.

And a small life that’s been lived in the largest possible of ways.

With love and hope and laughter as nourishment.






Wonderfully captured bird!

It always sounds nourishing when I know of someone who has been in the same place for some period. Myself, becoming a wander in my 30’s (career, etc), I haven’t been in one place more than 7 years. Still find something comforting though as I read your words.

It is amazing how fast time can fly despite our best-laid plans, right? Lovely photo – we have a few birds coming back around, thank goodness!

Great capture, I can’t believe he sat still for you. 27 years in one place is a long time. I think the longest my husband and I have lived in a place is 5 years. Like Reena said though, there’s something comforting about your words.

The longest I’ve been in one place is our current home, which will be 17 years this coming May. It goes by fast, doesn’t it!

“…a small life that’s been lived in the largest possible of ways.”


My life and homes have shifted a lot during the past 10 years, I sometimes wonder if I’ll settle into one place soon. Roots appeal to me. In the meantime I can live a full, large life wherever I rest my head.

It doesn’t hurt to share that tiny house with a guy who loves you!

Beautifully said! I – too -never imagined myself to be in this same house after all these years…but here I am. And – I don’t think I’d change it for all the world!


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