six words. one color.


Forming new seeds. Learning to soar.


(six word memoirs at SmithMag
prompted by Kim Klassen at Beyond Layers)


The blue vase make this picture a great one.

Fantasyic photo and 6 word

i love you! i love this… 6 perfect words…



Wonderful! I love those little seed pods. 🙂

i am smitten. how wings are made.

Love your six words and the beautiful image! Very inspiring.

These are wonderful 6 words. Yes. Soaring!

At first, I thought the feather was a pen, which would’ve been equally cool. Love BOTH compositions.

This is gorgeous.

Stunning! The blue is beautiful!

so so pretty ~

Love this.

Love the image as well as your 6 word bio..both are quite lovely!!

well put. well put indeed.

Love the blue and the words. Great job!

plant those seeds when you can!!!

This is beautiful! The colors are heaven.


i love this…and blue! Great Great Great~

I like how the blue in the pen mimics the blue in the vase, and the whole this is shot from above. I love this 6-word idea.

I like yours. I am still working on mine. Gah!

Love your six words and a wonderful photo ! Looks like it’s going to be a fun 52 weeks ! Just started my blog to chart the experience !

This is sooooooo beautiful!!! You’re definitely soaring! Bravo!

I totally love your cobalt glass and what you have done with this photo! Here from Beyond Layers and look forward to seeing more of your work. 🙂

OH, I love your 6 word story, LOVE it. And the photo is beautiful also.


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