It’s that time of year, the holiday decorations are going up, everywhere I look there are twinkling lights and sparkles and, with just-perfect timing, snow.

Yesterday I decorated the inside of my house
while nature decorated the outside.

Dancing snowflakes flitted through a lazy breeze, slowly drifting down
in grays and blues that shifted into white on beds of snow.

I walked to my mailbox late last night and I could see everything
as if it were dusk and not almost midnight. All that snow
mirrored by the sky, lighting my way through the cold.

Jack Frost painted my windows while I slept.

The scenery changed in my dreams.

Soon, I will be dreaming of green, because I will miss it.

Soon, I will start buying flowers every week.

Soon, I will grow tired of the cold and wish to feel the sun on my back.

But before that I will enjoy the sparkling lights
and the scent of pine and cozy fires that dance to the carols I play
as I fill the house with pretty things and love and gratitude and giving.

Soon there will be The Cookie Marathon.

And The Wrapping Marathon.

And The Card Writing Marathon.

But this morning there is this icicle outside my bedroom window,
reflecting the branches it hangs from like lace,

reminding me to stop every so often
and breathe in stillness.


you live in a fairy tale. i can only imagine. and that is one jewel of an icicle – it is gorgeous.

I love the changes of the seasons. Winter brings with it so many great things, not least time for snuggling under warm blankets with a hot drink.

While breathing I would look at this peaceful and beautiful picture.

Oh..I’m so looking forward to old man winter coming to decorate my house! Beautifulwords..beautiful image!

I had that brief moment of bliss yesterday – the decorations were up – outside was a winter wonderland and I just knew the holidays were going to be beautiful

A wonderful reminder, and post.

What a beautiful capture of the icicle!

It’s amazing how Mother Nature makes such wonderful and beautiful things for us to look at . The picture is terrific as always

That is such a gorgeous photo! I love that icicle. I, of course, am already missing the sun and the green even though I love the holidays. Thank you for the moment of winter beauty to remind me of what is good in this season.


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