snow cap

my little heron statue

sits outside my studio window

and he really shouldn’t be out there in this cold

usually by now he has been tucked away

put to bed for the winter

but all day yesterday

i kept looking at his snow cap

and smiling.

i am so easily amused.


me too..big smile as I leave for work…blessings

this is just the best! he looks amused also. you made my morning! 🙂

How cute is that… better get him in before the winter takes him away..bbbrrrrr

Awesome! What a happy accident and beautiful photo

I love it, that photo would bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Thanks for a big smile just before bedtime 🙂

So lovely.

So beautiful! Oh how do I envy you for this graceful statue.

oh my, how this makes me smile!! xxo, kim

love love


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