For most of last year, I felt slightly off-center.  I could never put my finger on just exactly why, but the feeling was always there, taunting me, just out of reach.

But lately, here I am, right smack dab in the middle of myself.

It’s such a good feeling. A coming home kind of feeling. Coming home to a pot full of soup waiting on the stove and a roaring fire blazing in the fireplace. That kind of coming home.

And so, I’m settling in. Warming my toes and filling my belly and reveling in this feeling. Enjoying it while it lasts.

Because you never know when the wind that is life will start to blow again, leaving you no choice but to step outside and cling to those branches. Sometimes, holding on for dear life.

But just now, for today, I am here. There is a blizzard raging outside my windows, literally.

And I am snuggled in, sick with a cold, but all the same, centered.

It’s a good place to be.


Wishing you a weekend filled with warmth and comfort.




Loved this-I’m working on building the fire and soup is beginning its simmer:)

I love how positive and upbeat you are even when full of cold. Stay warm, safe and snuggly this weekend. Sending get well wishes across the miles. Hugs x

i have a feeling YOUR feeling is here to stay a while.

BEAUTIFUL! I love the photo too.

Yes – enjoy that feeling of being safe and centered on the inside. Hoping that it lasts a good long time..:-)! Feel better!

hope you are feeling better this day … LOVE the metaphor here!

I adore how you are able to express yourself with words. Your photography is phenomenal as well. Thank you for sharing YOU with us. Happy day to you!


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