My latest bunch of tulips has become wild and raucous in their last hours, and this is making me smile.

Tulips make me smile, and, so, I keep buying them. For now, they are my stand-in for the real thing, this Spring that keeps dragging its feet, not quite ready to dance its way across my grey and tawny landscape.

Outside it is chilly and breezy, but the sun is shining and that is glorious.

I still have yet to see a robin, but it will be any day now, I’m certain.

I feel my body and my mind reawakening, celebrating the season despite its tardiness.

Sometimes, you just have to start the party, even if the guest of honor is running behind.

I have sunshine and tulips to entertain me until she shows up, plus this little smile of hope and promise on my face.

And life spins on around me.





Linking up with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday, just a slight layer of Pumpkin Grunge on this one.





All of the robins are still here; no chemicals on my grass, so the worms are tasty. My first daffodil popped this morning, bent in two places, but still proud for its moment. Does life spin in the same direction as the dervish? Asking for a friend.

Oh, that is lovely. I’ve never seen a Tulip do that before, I’m going to buy some for the Easter week end now and see if they will oblige me. Miss Spring is certainly reluctant to get sprung this year, we are all shivering in our boots in the UK too. I’ve been drawing daffodils to place around the house, all in the garden are still in tight green bud.

Happy Texture Tuesday (on Wednesday!)

I am smiling, thinking of you on a day of sunny skies, with your raucous tulips keeping you company.



Such a pretty flower as I don’t think I’ve seen one like this before! Love your work and I look forward to seeing more.

Warm regards,


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