December 25, 2015

december reflections {25}




November 25, 2015

open arms, grateful heart

the sun makes the world sparkle this morning

a simple reminder of the beauty that runs through each day

crisp and cold, tiny leaves peaking up through hard earth


we change we grow we turn our face to the sun

grateful for the warmth of it

glad to be alive


wishing you a thanksgiving filled with warmth





November 4, 2015

mixed-up holiday confusion

Christmas colors in one corner of my garden.

But I’m not even ready to think about it, even if the retail world is.

I’ve only just started to think about Thanksgiving.

Pumpkins and autumn and squash and gratitude.

Family and friends and togetherness.

A simple gathering of love.

Orange and brown and spice and wheat.

Time to cook and talk and appreciate

each other, life, blessings.

I’m keeping November right there, where it belongs.





December 31, 2014

next year’s bloom

I’m thinking this amaryllis is due to open tomorrow, on the first day of 2015.

I kind of like that.

2014 was a year of sweet beginnings and oh-so-hard endings.

The cycle-circle of life spun ’round me in a whirlwind.

I stood in the center, holding flowers tightly in both hands.

I danced and I was brought to my knees.

And in between, I stood, silent,

soaking up the sun,



Wishing you beauty and grace in the year to come.





December 25, 2014

my wish for you…


may you be surrounded by the love and light of family and friends

peace and smiles to you


November 26, 2014

wishing you

A day filled with love and light,

good food and laughter,

warm hearts and contentment.




October 31, 2014

friday smiles…

November 27, 2013

with gratitude


for snowlight and fresh flowers

fireplaces and warm toes

light and love and hope

possibility and presence


Wishing everyone a wonderful day of gratitude.

I’m so grateful for you.


And thanks so much to everyone who came out to see us
this past weekend at the Holiday Bazaar!



November 30, 2012

november gone

It was quite the November, all of it passing by in a whirling dervish of activity.

Fun, fabulous, wonderful activity.

I’m sure that December will be much the same, just as it always is.

Don’t forget to stop every so often and turn your face to the sun for a moment.

Breathe, reach for the sky, stretch.


Soon, it will be time to go into hibernation mode, which I admit,
for me, is not so very different from everyday mode.

But I look forward to the quiet days of winter.
Snow blowing outside, fire raging inside.
Just a tiny bit of extra time to relax into life.

And I look forward to December, and the
happy hustle bustle of holiday making.

I will be joining in with Debi over at emmatree and
Graciel over at evenstar art
with a daily Advent Calendar post.

To celebrate the season.

The simple joys.

And life.

Because it has been that kind of year.

. . .

Wishing you a weekend filled with light.