november gone

It was quite the November, all of it passing by in a whirling dervish of activity.

Fun, fabulous, wonderful activity.

I’m sure that December will be much the same, just as it always is.

Don’t forget to stop every so often and turn your face to the sun for a moment.

Breathe, reach for the sky, stretch.


Soon, it will be time to go into hibernation mode, which I admit,
for me, is not so very different from everyday mode.

But I look forward to the quiet days of winter.
Snow blowing outside, fire raging inside.
Just a tiny bit of extra time to relax into life.

And I look forward to December, and the
happy hustle bustle of holiday making.

I will be joining in with Debi over at emmatree and
Graciel over at evenstar art
with a daily Advent Calendar post.

To celebrate the season.

The simple joys.

And life.

Because it has been that kind of year.

. . .

Wishing you a weekend filled with light.


the happy hustle bustle. i’m making that my mantra for the days that go by fast.

This thrills me to my toes. I cannot wait to snuggle up with Winter and revel in its deliciousness. It’s the cozy time of year that I so live for and long for each Summer when I am in hibernation mode. Now is my time to stretch, reach for the sky and BREATHE! I love how you think!

Lovely photo. And yes, a time to breath … relax!

I’m already in hibernation mode, doing nothing for my waistline though.

Will you be selling this print? It’s just lovely.


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