November 27, 2013

with gratitude


for snowlight and fresh flowers

fireplaces and warm toes

light and love and hope

possibility and presence


Wishing everyone a wonderful day of gratitude.

I’m so grateful for you.


And thanks so much to everyone who came out to see us
this past weekend at the Holiday Bazaar!



November 13, 2013

things that make me smile

delphiniums in november

particularly those that offer up

perfect heart-shaped bokeh


and you


Thanks so much to everyone who came out to see us
at the Christkindl Market this past weekend.


November 4, 2013

monday musings…


Wishing you a week filled with promise


September 18, 2013

sunshine on my shoulders

It smells like autumn.

I’m working my way through the garden, not quite ready to shut things down for the winter, but tidying up just the same.

Inside, I am doing the same, September has been a month of crossing things off my list, some of which have been on there all summer. It feels good to accomplish these small tasks, feels good to lift that tiny weight off my shoulders.

Of course, there will be new things added, soon, firewood to stack and storm windows to wash and close.

But not yet.

The sun is shining, the air is crisp, and my to-do list never manages to be finished.

And so I stop and sit and turn my face to the sky. Sunshine warms my shoulders and I am grateful for this moment.

Small blessings taste the sweetest.



Wishing you a Wednesday filled with sunshine.


September 4, 2013

grace under pressure


beauty wrapped in spiral song

dew drop kisses and light

filling the air with promise

you are more than flower

you are life

all wrapped up

in a perfect package


wishing you a wednesday filled with light


July 29, 2013

pretty in pink

It was a mellow weekend, summer-lazy, rainy and sunny, filled with friends and books, gardening and catching up on chores and life.

Simple. And lately, that is all that I need.

Less stuff, more life.

Enjoying the moment.

Soaking up the sun.

Running in the rain.

Bird watching and star gazing.

Fresh vegetables for dinner, corn from the stand right around the corner.

Freckles and barefeet.




Wishing you a week filled with sun and simple.


July 26, 2013

summer’s dance

is a slow one
dressed in gowns
of gossamer and


can you hear
the fireflies’

July 8, 2013

horizon horizon


long days and long sunsets

color me gypsy


July 5, 2013

in the land of fairies and fireflies

time is always golden and stars are dipped in sugar

nights belong to heart and song

and morning smiles are dew-kissed and silent


Wishing you a weekend filled with light

May 13, 2013

monday sings a song of love

It was a cold, chilly, windy weekend weather-wise. But the sun was shining in my heart, so I didn’t mind. There was lots of food and family time, lots of reading and relaxing, lots of life and laughter.

On Saturday, I pulled dandelions forever. My back was sore, but it felt good to be out there, good to accomplish a simple chore, good to listen to the birds sing and the wind blow.

The trees all have their spring green on, everything looks lush and verdant and new.

Possibility hangs in the air like sunshine.

Close your eyes, make a wish.

I dare ya.