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It’s hard to believe that it’s April already! That means it is time to gear up and start getting some things accomplished. There is jewelry to be made, Spring cleaning to be done, a garden to be tidied up (although with my knee issues, that should be interesting!). I wonder how much gardening I can do without being able to squat down? I need one of those little garden carts with wheels that you can sit on and move around.

We are still waiting to hear back from the art shows we have applied to for the year. I still need to finish cleaning by very messy bead table. I bet if I look at my posts from last year at this time, they will say the same thing. My bead table is always messy, I love to spread all kinds of beads out in front of me while I work, the problem is, I don’t love putting them all away later! But the time has come to get organized for the busy season ahead.

Slowly, winter is turning her back on us, both weather-wise and mood-wise, and that is a very good thing. There are tiny patches of green showing up in my garden, daffodil shoots, crocus, even the day lilies are poking their heads up now. Tiny buds are showing on the trees and bushes.

April is also National Poetry Month. Last year I participated in a poetry book giveaway blog hop and I think I am going to do the same again this year. I will also be featuring more poetry than usual. I hope you will come by and join in the fun, more details to come this week.

I will also be attempting to update our etsy shop and add some new things in time for our Mother’s Day Sale. I have been very busy lately with graphic design work, but I need to squeeze in some time for that. If only there were about four more hours in every day!

This will be a catching up kind of weekend for me, I love having one of those every once in a while.

What are you up to this weekend?


oh, isn’t it glorious to have april on our door steps?
we are just starting to see bits of grass in our yard where the snow was blown away … still about three feet deep in the white stuff elsewhere … but! … the snow is sinking day by day and my heart is beginning to race with all the duties ‘to do’ once it is gone … yay! happy dance!
sure hope your knee gets better, or at least be able to get one of those carts to assist you with your gardening … where there is a will there is a way … xo
‘shoots’ and ‘buds’ ~ music to my ears ~ delight for your eyes! some day … some day i would love to come and see your messy bead piles (no cleaning up, i insist!!) ~ sure wishing you all the best with your spring shows et al … : )
the sun is shining strong here ~ thinking i will go and attack a mess in my studio and hopefully open the windows wide! see this BIG smile?
have a most wonderful weekend my friend …

Why do I always feel peace when I click here? I love that photo and I’m sure your jewelry is going to be lovely. I am not doing anything this weekend, keeping a low profile:)

I can’t believe we’re in April already either. I took my bike in this weekend for it’s first tune up after I bought it last summer. It’s still too wet and muddy for my townie to tackle the trails near us but I’m hopefuly that I’ll be able to get out on it soon. Sounds like you’re getting yourself all geared up . . . I need to pull my finger out and think of new approaches to things too.

We are enjoying our first “warm” days since the very long winter! Almost hit 40 today, and that feels warm compared to what it’s been!

This is such a beautiful photograph! I love the softness and tones!

So happy spring has finally sprung–and even happier to hear you’ll be posting more poetry! I’ve found it to be very inspirational, as one of my favorite things to include in my artwork is found poetry; your fearlessness in publishing your poems has encouraged me to do the same on my blog, esp. in the last few weeks! Feel free to check them out sometime!

Just spending quality time with the hubby

this is such a beautiful shot, I love this

Love that the daffodils are finally blooming..and – yes – it’s been that kind of a weekend for me too. Cleaning up…catching up…getting my arms around spring!!!

Kelly, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I appreciate your encouragement. You’re a wonderful role model for creative women!


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