a bird

never needs a map

always knows

how to get there from here

in straight lines

on soft breezes

through storms


endless days


with sunshine.


my map

draws itself

with a pencil

of hope

blunt tipped


somehow still



this poem is part of one shot wednesday


sigh, absolutely gorgeous

Very pretty poem and site!

keep that hope in your pocket to write with, better it dented and scuffed than lost…

Blue was on my mind today, as well! 🙂


I’ve wondered before if birds aren’t just better at enjoying the journey than we are.

Love the structure of this poem and deeper meaning. The art work is great too!

. . . what hope is there for me. I get lost with a GPS!

This simple poem reveals the truth of it all. I am reminded of Solomon who in all his glory was not as beautiful as a lily of the field. Best wishes.

Not sure which I find more inspiring, Kelly, the print or the poem. I, too, paint from a palette of hope; so this piece is especially sweet to me.

Lovely words along with the image.


what a beautiful poem. i loved the part about hope. simple. yet lovely. thanks for sharing.

This is just beautiful!

Reading words written by a pencil of hope lights my day.

Thank you!

And your artsy-looking site is a treat for my hungry eyes. Ahhhh, I’m gonna like it here — I can tell already.

So happy I popped over from one Stop. Art IS life, whooohooo.

Blue muse indeed! This was absolutely captivating…I think it may have even evoked an “aww” moment. How gently it unfolded, masterful poem! ~ Rose

so very pretty…
wish i could fly..

Love it! Next time I’m called a bird brain I’ll take it as a compliment! (Oh, to have that sense of direction…)

what a beautiful reminder of flight …

I little birdie told me…

very beautiful structure and message! 🙂

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