walking my way into winter

cotton-ball snowflakes falling gently on a night with no wind.

tree branches like lace against a lavender sky.

a fresh expanse of snow unmarred by footprints.


the fresh smell of winter’s morning.

birds calling.

cardinals dotting a hedgerow like oversized berries.

a fire that roars while the wind howls outside.

kittens curled up and basking in the glow.

time to read and hibernate, a little.

forced to slow down.

a little.

dreams of spring and green and gardens.

wrapped in quilts that feel like love.


my footsteps crunch their way through this season.

leading me from endings to beginnings.

i catch a snowflake on my tongue.

hold it there.

savoring the flavor.

another solstice.





this poem first appeared over at Stephanie Guimond’s place:
Creative Living Experiment


I just discovered you from Photos by LeAnne. I love your images and poetry, which enhance one another. May you have a joyous holiday season!

I just found your weblog via Journalling Thru Photos blogroll and I love it. Such exquisite photographs and lovely words.

you had me at “on a night with no wind”; i could hear angels singing. and i won’t even mention the cardinals dotting a hedgerow like over-sized berries. what love for this world your eyes and heart carry.


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