ups and downs

Life is just filled with them, isn’t it?

Today is a glorious, sun-filled day, in the middle of a glorious sun-filled week. I ran 1.2 miles yesterday, wanting so much to go further, to “run it all out” so to speak, but forcing myself to be patient, to do what I’m supposed to do. (That’s never much fun now, is it?)

I love this photo, such a metaphor for life. We are up, we are down, we cheer, we hang our heads, we laugh, we cry. And in-between it all, we are busy like bees, taking care of the business of survival.

We have another jewelry show this weekend, at the lake here in the town I live in. It is such a beautiful show, right on the shore, and even when it is hot, there is always a fabulous breeze. I am almost ready, and perspective has managed to help me not get so stressed out this time. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it?

Still missing my kitten George, the shock has worn off and the acceptance is moving in, but my hearts breaks for his brother who is not there yet. Brett keeps looking for him, staying outside later than usual, not going to sleep until very late at night. I so wish I could explain it to him, make him understand, but I cannot.

Last night I sat outside in my garden at sunset as I do so often. In the same chair, watching the same slice of sky, and yet the view is always different.

It’s like each day. We do the same things, go to the same places, move through the same schedule, yet no day is exactly like any other. No hour, no minute, replicates the one before it, or the one to come next.

We’re always changing. Life is always moving. We get up in the morning, and lay our heads down at night.

In between, we breathe in the gift of existence. The butterfly that lands on our shirtsleeve. The smile from someone we love. The sun that always sets, no matter what. But also, always rises.

And that’s something now, isn’t it?

Yes, breathe.


that photograph is a beautiful metaphor for life…I could drop my head right now just to take the pressure off my neck after a long 2 mile walk. I’m sorry about George and I do understand your wish that you could explain this to his brother…but I think on some level he knows. Enjoy the show this weekend and may the lake breezes keep you cool!

Riding life’s up’s and down’s this year for sure. Good luck with the show, knock em dead.

Beautiful post – so true. It’s good that we can step outside of ourselves and realize no matter where we are, it will change, but we’ll be okay. I love the photo, too. Have a beautiful weekend!

the same spot is always different. always, always, always.

It truly is something, and what a beautiful post this is.

Ups and downs are okay to me, as long there is a balance between them

I understand how you feel for Brett. When our bunny died, Angel was so sad. She’s normally very perky and cuddly, but she just lay in a corner unmoving for weeks, and you could see it in her eyes, the grieving. And she did it again the following year, and the next, around the time that Lu died. She has not done it this year–I think the cooler weather has tricked her into thinking that it isn’t the anniversary of Lu’s passing, but it was so hard to watch the other years. I will send love and prayers for Brett too.

the same slice of sky .. that makes me feel good

The world changes..we change. Nothing is ever exactly the same. Yes – breathe!


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