to do.

I have lists everywhere. Lists of graphics jobs to do. Jewelry designs I want to try. Books I want to read. Things that need to be fixed and painted around my house. Phone calls I have to make. Supplies that need to be ordered. Shows that need to be applied to. Shows I’ve already applied to. Ideas for blog posts.

As you can see, I have a problem. Too many lists. I need a lists of all my lists.
(I haven’t started one yet, but I’m thinking it might be a very good idea.)

You would think, with all these lists, that I am organized. Well I try, but I don’t think I’m very good at it. My desk is always a mess. No matter how many times I clean it, it’s always a mess. I think I am one of those people that thrives on chaos. At least when it comes to creativity, to my work.

I love having things neat and organized in the beginning, when you can feel the space around you just waiting for something to fill it up. But once I dive in, oh boy. I can make a mess like no other. Halfway through every day my desk is covered in paper, piles, notes, lists. I can’t even see my desktop. I get frustrated. I straighten up a bit. Two hours later, I have to do it again.

If I am making jewelry, beads are everywhere. Molds, stamps, color ideas, all strewn out before me. Tools that never make it back to their designated spot. Sketches and snippets of paper. Everything where I can see it. And that is what it comes down to, I think. I am a visual person. I need to see things in order to remember them. As soon as I put something away, I forget about it.

Last year I redecorated my studio, Read as: I bought lots of storage for all my stuff. And when I’m not working, it looks great. But when I’m in there, creating, I am an absolute slob. Every surface, and sometimes even the floor, will be covered. I used to think it would be different if I had more space. Now I’m pretty sure that my mess would just expand to fill the space.

I wish I wasn’t like that, I wish I could stay organized, work in an orderly fashion. But that just isn’t how my brain works. I have accepted this fact and learned to work around it. Because on a good day, beautiful things can come out of my chaotic mess.

And I can always clean it up. Later.

Let me just go and put that on my list.


What do you do to stay organized? I’d love to hear…


Being that my office is full of piles of papers and piles of books… I have no tidy suggestions or organized advice.

I often think that the reason G. created my office space was an attempt to contain my overflowing work flow.


*I think I hear him Windexing his desk*

*slightly evil grin*

How did he and I come from the same family?

Ha! Love the post.

I have a couple white boards that I create lists on. As soon as I’m done a task I wipe it off or cross it out. Pretty standard, but it works for me.

Glad to have found you on Freckled Nest!

OMG I have the same problem and need the sulution…must be creative people are not as organized!!??

Hi Cheryl! That’s my theory, or at least my excuse! How are you doing?


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