food for thought

How do we keep the creative juices flowing? Add a little spice to our creations? Keep things from getting stale?

These are the questions…I’m still trying to figure out the answers.

But maybe that’s okay…maybe it’s the questions that really matter.

Learning new things always makes me feel energized, happy, inspired. As does reading about what other people are doing, writing, creating, revealing.

When my creative spirit isn’t speaking to me I spend lots of time observing. Absorbing.

And the more I open myself up to the world around me, the more I have welling up inside me, waiting to find its way out.

Because sometimes it’s a matter of nurturing that little kernel of creativity until it is has grown enough to reveal itself, to emerge.

And sometimes it’s a matter of sitting down and doing the work. Moving through the process, even when I have no idea where I’m heading. Often, these end up being my best pieces.

Pictures. Words. Concepts. Colors.

These four ingredients are my companions. I keep them by my side in the hopes that when I need one, it will reach out and take my hand to guide me along the way.

Or at the very least, feed my hungry artist’s soul.


What a beautiful sweet shot and post. This describes why I spend so much time blogging – both in the reading and in the writing. Beautiful words.

Thank you so much, yes it is so nice to share these kinds of thoughts with others and to discover all the wonderful people out there doing the same…

“Pictures. Words. Concepts. Colors.” – what great companions 🙂 I love your description of your creative process – thank you for sharing it. I think the observing, absorbing, nurturing phases are every bit as important as the doing phase… probably even more so? But in a world that values action and measurable outcome so highly it’s sometimes hard to hang on to this I find and not feel a need to always be doing. I’m getting better at this though 🙂

Oh I so get that, I go through periods of time when I feel like I have forgotten how to relax, how to be still. I am trying to get better at it, too!

Love the soft bokeh in the backdrop. Beautiful!

Thank you so much!

Love the picture, it is in moments of silence that my creativity flourishes!

Thanks…me too, for the most part, but I am trying to learn to fit creative time in whenever I can!

hi kelly ~

i just have to say how incredibly breathtaking this is …

your work is stunning in composition, colour and technique …

beautifully done.

thank you so much for sharing ~
prairiegirl xo

canary . zebra . *wink* maybe i should have kept one of each!

Oh, gosh, thank you so much! And I appreciate you stopping by…


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