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Sometimes you hear a phrase and you just know that you will never forget it. That it will always be part of your life. I love that about words. The way that somehow, even with the seemingly endless possibility of combinations, someone can hit upon a new one that just speaks to you.

Last night I read this article about Steve Jobs, written by his sister, Mona Simpson, who wrote a book I read years ago that I loved called Anywhere But Here. I didn’t know until I read the article that she was his sister.

But I am glad that I read what she wrote about her brother, if for no other reason than the phrase that became the title of this post. I have pretty much stayed silent since hearing the news about Steve Jobs, feeling that since I didn’t know him, it wasn’t really up to me to say anything about his passing.

And actually, it still isn’t. So I won’t.

But I will carry this phrase in the pocket of my heart for the rest of my life.

And I will always, always be looking for that place.

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*by Mona Simpson







What an incredible phrase, one of those that just tumble around in your mouth and mind

i believe IT finds you when you stop looking. but, being human, i look also.

that was an amazing article .. and yes let us tuck that close to our hearts ~

Very nicely done!

Lovely image, perfectly composed and the texture works so well 🙂

Gorgeous image and texture work – amazing!


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