the highs and lows of a
not-so-average weekend

This was a weekend packed with, well, a little bit of everything.

Everything about it was outside of my norm, which, I admit, is usually pretty boring. But boring is good. At least some of the time…

It’s a well-known fact that Friday is my favorite night, the one in which I always put my pajamas on early, make pizza, relax by the fire, whether it’s indoors or out. This past Friday, I needed to pick my son up from the airport during prime pajama time. And I was happy to do it, but it did mean that my weekend got off to an unusual start.

The next day, I traveled an hour away to take part in The Soul in Bloom Retreat, and what a wonderful time I had! This was my first time meeting several of the wonderful women I have met here in the blogosphere, as well as many of the other fabulous women participating in the course. It was a day of sisterhood, laughter, nurturing. There was yoga and gardening, poetry and tea, hearts opening and friendships forming. It was a beautiful day.

And a far stretch from my usual hermity Saturday, in all the best possible of ways. It was a nice reminder that I need to get out more.

On Sunday, I went to help my mom sew new curtains for her kitchen. We spent some nice quality time together, and though we didn’t finish the job, we got a good start on it.

While I was there, my husband and son discovered an injured squirrel in our back entryway. We aren’t certain whether it had been hit by a car or if it was caught by our naughty kitten, or, perhaps most likely, both. But the poor thing was in a bad way. It made us all quite sad, and in the end, we put it in a safe place and made it as comfortable as possible, knowing that its chances were pretty slim. By this morning, it had died.

So, you can see what I mean, it was a weekend that was all over the place.

I could use another one right about now.

But Monday is here and it is new day.


Wishing you a lovely week.



It was a different kind of weekend for me as well Kelly. Saturday was completely off my radar as a way to spend my Saturday but it was worth the drive because even with all the other goodness that we were opened to, meeting you was one of the reasons I wanted to make the trip. I look forward to spending more irl time with you!! xo

Oh me too. I would love to be at home reflecting on the weekend. I agree, it was such a stretch to get in the car and drive off into the unknown. And it was so worth it. A good reminder to get out more indeed. Barry and I looked at the mess of the unpacked apartment on Sunday morning, poured our coffee into travelling cups, grabbed the cameras and headed back to the same spot, all the lovely antique shops and I showed him where we had spent the day. We ran into Sherry, I guess none of us were ready to let that particular day go …
You are lovely, I so enjoyed your company.

I had a week of reflecting and soul-searching. But I think I did well 🙂

What a busy weekend! I hate that when I find an injured critter. All we can do is let nature take its course.


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