surrounded by silence

It has been too chilly to have the windows open that past few days, and I sit here working in my studio taking note of the quiet.

No fans whirring, no birds singing, no NPR informing, no music dancing. Silence.

Outside my window, colors are changing, wildlife is scrambling, life is cycling.

Soon, morning tea will be an inside activity, socks will be part of my daily uniform, green will be replaced by bronze and orange and gold.

I feel unhurried, watching it all unfold. There’s no rush, no need to fill the air with sound, no need to move closer to winter just yet.

Soon, yes.

Today, I pull the silence up to my chin like a worn, familiar blanket.

Cozy. Comfortable.

An old friend.




I was craving silence yesterday and was in such a grump when I didn’t get it. Hoping to find it today.

silence is an old friend. you remind me why. xoxo

i love the “turtleneck” of autumn. lovely post…as always.

At times, silence is a gift.


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