straight and tall

It was beautiful this past weekend, beautiful for February, that is.
Nice enough for a long walk on Saturday with my dog, feeling a bit of
sunshine on my face, snapping a few photos.

It has been a quiet winter. A mild one. One that seems to hold
less waiting and more doing, less answering and more asking,
less making and more thinking.

It feels like this will be a year of change.
Of growing this way rather than that.

Reaching higher.


It doesn’t always feel comfortable, this stretching, but it feels necessary.

And sometimes new growth comes from prickly places.

It comes from standing tall and weathering out
the tough winds and cold weather.

It comes from deep within.

I’ve been reevaluating a lot of things lately, this space, my jewelry business, the direction of my life, trying to determine the best way to foster new growth.

I haven’t decided anything yet, but that’s okay, it’s still winter.

A quiet winter with time to think, plan, and envision the colors
of this year’s garden.


Wishing you a week filled with beauty and blossoms.


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love taking time to think in any season…as always…just the right start to my day!

Oh, yes, trying to figure out the direction …. I sometimes procrastinate on these types of things until I must must must make a decision.

Simply lovely!

time to think about taking up golf

Beautiful, both your words and your image. Winter sure is a time of contemplation, isn’t it? Thank you for sharing!

Yes – I know all about those uncomfortable growing pains!! Love the perfect simplicity of the image.


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