spring cleaning

It’s that time of year. Time to clean, clear, straighten, repair.

This year, I feel like I need to start with my brain. I won’t say I need to clear out the cobwebs, as that implies an unused space, and I seem to have the opposite problem going on. I need to clear out the clutter, straighten the mess, open a room that can be left there, empty, just for my thoughts to bounce around in. A room with a view, and space to grow.

My first post on this blog was actually about how I need balance. Balance between creativity and business. Clean and disorganized. Time and activity.

I can’t say that I’ve found it. And quite honestly, I don’t think I will. But I’m starting to think that might be okay. Because if you look at balance as being equal weight on both sides of the scale, it means static. Even. Symmetrical. I’m not sure I would be happy with that. Or that it’s even possible for me.

Yes, I wish I had more calm in my life, I wish I had more time. But I wouldn’t want to feel the same way every day. My life is messy, hectic, crazy, and very, very full. But, if it were less full, less crazy, I think I would get bored. If I didn’t have the ups and downs, I would get complacent. Take things for granted. Lose my perspective.

So, I tip the scales. I am constantly pushing further, adding more to my life, trying to get somewhere. Not physically or financially. Mentally. Creatively.

And, quite honestly, I have no idea what that destination looks like.

But I’m pretty sure I’ll know it when I see it.


This is my first time visiting–over from freckled nest. What a beautiful blog…so clean with beautiful photos!

Found you through Freckled Nest and you make such beautiful jewelry! 🙂 I love your shop.

I came over from freckled nest. The images on your blog are amazing! Your jewelery is beautiful too.

I LOVE to clean and organize! this time of the year is the best to clean!!! open the window, create a new playlist and start fresh!!

I came over from FN. Your banner is stunning!

I concur! I am also feeling a need to repair and regain balance in my life!
Might I add that your funky fine silver earrings are quite divine!


visiting your blog from the “freckled nest” and just wanted to tell you that your jewelry is beautiful!

I totally agree with you! I feel like I have the same “problem”.
I just wanted to let you know to keep doing what you are doing because I love and adore your jewelry.


the words here to day are beautiful….
i don’t think i know where i’m going either….but i think i’ll like it when i finally get there…..

hello! stopped over via the freckled nest! your creations are so so lovely. already hearting your shop. and now following your blog! thank you for sharing your work! stop by and say hello sometime:)
xoxo, juliette

um… I don’t know how to do that big giveaway thing but I’m putting this on everyone’s! haha thanks 🙂 AND I love em all!giveaways.. that is…

I found you via freckled nest. what a gorgeous blog, and thanks for the opporutnity to win!

i’m right there with ya… all busy and hectic and tilted this way and that… i think i could deal with a little ‘bit of static… but only a little.. ;o

Um…what’s the freckled nest? 🙂

Excellent post, Kelly. I think @Lost in Reverie needs to come to my house – I HATE to clean! I spent over four hours this morning cleaning house before my son and his girlfriend stopped in. I’ve got lots more to do. I do feel better after it’s done though.

I can totally relate to the cluttered mind. I’ve got so much bouncing around inside, that when it comes out, it’s all jumbled up. Again, great post (and beautiful image).

Hi. Found you through Freckled Nest. Your blog is very inspiring and insightful. I need to find balance in a lot of things too. Your jewelry is beautiful. 🙂

I wish I had more time too -__-‘
By the way, nice to meet you!
I found your link to freckled nest blog ^_^
love u

I’m not gonna lie, I’m from freckled nest too. But I’m sooo glad I hopped over!! Your jewelry is beautiful. Truely. I’m obsessed with jewelry- I make it, I buy it, and I generally can’t leave the house without wearing it. I think the pieces in your shop are LOVELY!


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