dreamy sunday

Picture this: today you have no obligations, no work, no chores, no deadlines, nothing at all on your to do list.

What would you do? I would pick a few of these:

Make a pot of tea and sit in my garden to watch the birds.

Spend the afternoon swaying in a hammock with a good book and a pillow.

Go for a nice long run, and not feel rushed to get back home.

Sip a glass of wine while eating an extra, extra dark Lindt truffle.

Write a poem about how much I love my life.

Or one about anything at all.

Take a long hot bath with lots and lots of bubbles.

Call a friend that makes me laugh. Giggle.

Spend an hour, or two, on a blanket in the grass just staring up at the sky.

Finish knitting the afghan I’ve been working on for over a  year.

Start another one.

Curl up with a book in front of the fire and stay in my pajamas all day.

Have dinner with my family and stay at the table when we are done,
chatting at laughing at silly things.

Just be.

What does your dream Sunday look like?


I’m here throug Freckled Nest and liked your products so much. Thank you for the chance in the giveaway!

It is after 3 and I am still in my jammies, bloghopping, facebooking, Sunset Boulevarding with the tv, cat asleep in my lap. If I didn’t have a dinner planned with 3 of my cousins (what was I thinking?!!), which will require bathing & dressing, today would be pretty close. The front door is open to spring.

Your dream Sunday sounds pretty good…can I borrow it??

Any time! I hardly ever get to use it anyway…

mmm sounds so nice

Your blog is really beautiful!

Thanks, and thanks for stopping by… I love your title!

a dreamy photo indeed:)


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