soar (or not)

How much power is there, in a word?

If I say it out loud, will this sparrow head for the sky?

If I startle him, he will leap and fly,
but flying is different from soaring.

It’s a subtle difference, but it’s there.

There’s a little bit of a glide involved,
a little less climb, a little more riding the wind.

Maybe there’s a little letting go of the fear,
or the inexperience,
that keeps him grounded.

Either way, simply saying it won’t change a thing.

When that bird is good and ready,
he will spread those wings.

If not today, then tomorrow, or the next.

Deep down he knows nothing else

but to


this post is part of one word wednesday


I love this post especially as my word for this year is ‘soar’. :0)

Truly beautiful.
I so enjoyed this!

Just soaring around Jillsy’s one word wednesday links.
I enjoyed the way you pointed out the difference between flying and soaring. Our youngest needs to spread the wings enough to soar. She has flapped them a little but needs to seek higher ground.

I was also thinking about the difference between flying and soaring when coming up with a post. Two separate things, indeed. One takes effort and the other is effortless. I don’t think this little guy will ever really soar since he doesn’t fly high enough and his wings probably aren’t long enough. The soaring birds are those whose wings are long and fly high enough to take advantage of the wind beneath their wings. Gosh, I never really thought about the fact that all birds probably don’t soar, until now. I’m no expert, so if anyone knows otherwise, please correct me.

When I think of birds and soaring, I think of eagles and hawks.

In his own sweet little mind , he can “soar”

I could use a bit more soaring in my life

The flying/soaring thing is interesting – the funny part is, when we see a bird really soaring out here, we know it’s a vulture. If it has to flap every so often, it’s a hawk. You’d think it would be the other way around, but I love watching the vultures – from a distance! … love this photo by the way, and your words are beautiful as well!

one of my favorite words … and the power of your words are amazing

He’s so wonderfully plumped out — keeping warm against the winter chill.


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